My FM18 Journey Part 3

After last episode we had won 3-0 vs Bristol Rovers! Lets hope we get a good cup draw…

Cup Draw rip

Well there’s always the FA Cup isn’t there! Will bring in some nice revenue as a large team travels down to the south coast but I’m not expecting anything from this match. Even though they have a very tricky set of fixtures surrounding our game I still don’t feel we can win it. This is in fact the last game I play today, so you’ll see how it goes later!

Anyways back to the football, our first match was against Southampton, who are doing significantly better than us this season. After conceding early (A regular occurrence) we managed to claw one back thanks to Anthony Knockaert and went on to take a good draw from a game we may not have deserved to.

Southampton vs Brighton

After the Southampton match, we faced 18th placed Burnley which was conveniently on my birthday in game! Glad to see that lady luck was on our side that day too with two penalties both converted by Hassan! A red card for the second penalty meant the game died fairly quickly after that but we’d racked up two good results on the trot!

Brighton vs Burnley

Next up; Man Utd

and we didn’t lose! Again we conceded early but managed to score so late on that I was delighted we kept it going til the very end. Our counter attacking tactic paid off and I’m glad to have frustrated a struggling United side who are mid table at the time of writing.

Brighton vs Man utd

Our final match of the article is the cup tie vs Chelsea, but between these matches I was just doing a bit of scouting as you do and came across this gem of a player called José Javier García; an 18 year old attacking midfielder from Spain who showed some really promising stats at such a young age. I decided to use the ‘tranfer target’ feature as I’ve always found that the function never really worked. However to my surprise he was snapped up for a low low price of £3.2m but with £27,000 WAGES WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Jose Javier Garcia Inbox

but his stats are pretty good I think

Jose Javier Garcia Stats

Anyways let me know what you think of him, but I’m holding out for something special here! The Chelsea game went terribly, we were outplayed and eventually lost 2-1 thanks to a rubbish goal, I was rather disappointed.

Brighton vs Chelsea (CUP)

I’m hoping to just crack out a load of games and maybe even get to Christmas in game by the time the next article comes out! Hope you guys enjoyed the read/picture book. I like to keep it short and sweet with the text as match stats tell you more of a story than words in my opinion but I can write more if you like! Thanks for reading!


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