My Top 10 Football Bucket List


Football has provided us with some amazing memories, from the infamous “AGUEROOOOOOO!!!!” in 2012 to “The fans are on the pitch, they think it’s all over…it is now!” in the 1966 World Cup Final, but it has also provided us with some amazing stadiums from Wembley Stadium to Emirates Stadium in England to Camp Nou to the Bernabeu in Spain.

Here are the top 10 from my Football Bucket List, in no particular order.

1. Watch a game of football at Wembley Stadium


The home of the England national team – and what a home new Wembley is – and with brilliant transport links from the Underground, there’s no excuse not to go and watch a game at Wembley – especially with Spurs also playing their home games there at the moment – I’m hoping to go this season

2. Watch a game at the London Stadium

The London Stadium is a matter of opinion – and most of the opinion is that the stadium is not a good football venue – but I wouldn’t mind going to a match because of two reasons a) I didn’t go to the Olympics so would like to see the stadium and b) it surely can’t be as bad as people are making out or is it?

3. Watch Lionel Messi before he retires


Lionel Messi, in my opinion, is the greatest player of all time, and it will be a very sad day when he hangs up his boots for the last time, and I would love to be able to see the Argentinean live just once before he retires…better start saving for the trip to Barcelona!

4. Watch a match at Fir Park


Motherwell are one of the twelve clubs in the SPFL, and the one I have the most affinity with – I have a good friend who follows them so I keep an eye open for their results, and going to watch a match there would be a really interesting experience, due to the support they have.

5. Go out to America and watch games.


Red Bull Arena

This is probably the one I want to do the most. I have a huge passion for American sports from NFL to soccer (football over here!), and I would love to be able to go out and watch a load of sports there. A game at Red Bull Arena and watching the New York Jets would be pretty awesome!

6. Watch a match in the Kop end


Anfield is a wonderful stadium – and there is no better football song than when the Liverpool fans sing You’ll Never Walk Alone, so I would really love to be able to experience this live.

7. Visit more non legend grounds


I’m a huge fan of non league, I’m a regular at my local team, and I’ve been to most stadiums around the local area, but I’d really like to visit more non league grounds around the country, there’s nothing better than a day at non league!

8. Go and watch Paris FC.


Image: gettyimages

Who are Paris FC? Paris FC are a team that play in the second division of football. The club were founded by people who disagreed with Paris FC merging with Stade Saint-Germain to form PSG. For some reason, I played a save with them on Football Manager and I’ve looked out for their results ever since.

9. Go on the Nou Camp stadium tour


I mentioned watching Messi before I retired…I’d also like to go on the stadium tour at Nou Camp, as it looks a wonderful stadium, and I’ve got a friend who’s been and he’s not got a bad word about it.

10. Watch a match Down Under!

Australia is a place I’d love to visit one day, so why not make a trip to go and watch a game there? Perfect excuse right? I’d probably go watch Melbourne City or Sydney FC.

So there it is… my Football Bucket List…what do you think? Any that you agree or disagree with? Let us know on Twitter @DictateTheGame


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