Burton vs Sunderland: A match review



Sunderland fans in fine voice

The fixture doesn’t sound exciting on paper, but this game was huge for both sides, I’d say especially big for Sunderland who haven’t won a league game since the beginning of August, Sunderland had to win this, we couldn’t do with a draw and we certainly couldn’t lose. 1600 Sunderland fans travelled down to Burton, thanks to my trains being delayed multiple times I arrived a couple of minutes before kick-off.

I managed to get a spot available at the front of the stand, I was especially looking forward to Burton because it’s one of the few grounds left with terracing in league football. The away end was very loud, and I think without sounding arrogant we felt like we were going to win that day, it was just a matter of when we would score.

20171125_150047 (1)

Sunderland looking for the opener!

The first half was pretty poor  and forgettable by both teams, Sunderland almost scored with Grabban taking a shot which was saved by Burtons keeper Stephen Bywater. Burtons probably best chance of the game came to Marvin Sordell who fired wide. The majority of Sunderland fans were happy with the performance so far but knew we needed to win.


Second half Sunderland were the far better team, and the away fans knew it and sensed it was a matter of time before we’d score, the second half was very eventful even without talking about the football, within 15 minutes it had gone from drizzling to sleet to snowing! Coleman decided to make 3 very important changes with Mcgeady, McManaman and Mcnair all going off for Vaughan, Gibson and Asoro. Gibson really has improved so far under Coleman, early days but if he continues with these performances a lot of Sunderland fans will forget about his drunken comments and many terrible performances under Moyes and Grayson. 85th minute Sundeland get a corner, a poor clearance led to Cattermole flicking it to Vaughan who slot it past Bywater, cue bedlam in the away end, limbs everywhere as they like to say, just pure mayhem, we were cold and wet but we didn’t care, Sunderland had taken the lead!


Honeyman celebrating the 2nd goal


Three minutes later, a brilliant run from Asoro dribbled into the box and crossed to Honeyman, who tapped it home, cue more limbs as Sunderland surely had surely won their 2nd game of the season. The celebration this time was more relief than anything, still though some Sunderland fans were tense and nervous, they’d seen Sunderland slip before and they could do a ‘sunderland’ and implode with minutes to go. After a few minutes extra time, the ref blew his whistle, Sunderland had won! Chris Coleman came onto the pitch, pumping his fists in the air, gesturing and yelling to the Sunderland fans to roar his team off, which they did do.


It’s going to be a long season and as of writing Coleman has won one and lost two, the Reading match was very poor, and I hope we play far better against Wolves, we need to beat fulham, I think we can count the Wolves game out as an  probable lost.

On the Burton performance however I think we played like a good, poor Championship team, we need to continue playing like that if we’re going to stand a chance of stopping up, I’d also suggest to our owner to get his wallet out for the window, I trust Coleman alot but he’s not a miracle worker, he can only do so much with this team, give him funds and I think we’ll stop up, if not, I can see it being dark days for Sunderland, and I fear we could be relegated a long time before the season ends.


Coleman celebrating his first victory as Sunderland manager



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