Thank you


Well, I never thought I’d be writing this post. It’s been over a year since we first launched Dictate The Game. Never in a million years did I think we would last this long or get to where we are in the short space we’ve been running for. This article is just a little thank you for your continued support and we wish for it to continue.

Firstly I’d like to go in to a little bit of detail how Dictate The Game came about.

I have written for a number of websites and really enjoyed being part of a ‘writing team’, however I have always wanted to try to create something of my own and make it unique. This is when the whole website came about, I want to firstly thank Paul Wandless who was the person who believed in me to write when I was 14/15 and was a major part in my development as a writer. Unfortunately things got in the way and I stopped writing for a substantiation amount of time, I always wanted to get back in to writing so I slowly came back with the odd articles for different sites.

Eventually I decided I wanted to really make a blog which I can call my own, I spoke to a few people who gave mixed reviews, but that didn’t stop me, I looked to get a small team of like-minded individuals who would help and really make this site what it is. One of those individuals is Luke Hume, who is still with us today and has been my right hand man from the first day. His determination and odd sense of humour is a key factor in why we are where we are. Sometimes it’s hard to create articles with a unique feel to them but Luke would always come up with something oddly unique like his Harry Potter styled articles as well as his challenges. I take my hat off to Luke, he does more for this site than he is required. His hard work will never go unnoticed, if anything he is under appreciated. Without him, there would be no Dictate The Game. Thank you Luke.


We have had a massive turnaround in terms of our writers, some leave because of other commitments and others join, which has made this experience that much harder. Getting to know new people, how they write, what they write is very hard – but It’s been great, I’ve met a lot of new people and that’s what makes this that more special.

Another member who joined within the first month was Dom Loe, another one of the lads who has been absolutely fantastic. His brain, when he is in the right mind frame is fantastic, a real genius and mathematically incredible. A real asset to the team and someone who will go very far in life, mark my words.

One of the writers that joined us to start with was Owen Pinnell, who was a huge help when we started helping out, writing one of our most successful articles to date, thank you Owen.


Another writer who was with us quite easily on was Ian, an excellent writer who wrote some great FM16 content for us, sadly other commitments meant he had to leave, but it was great working with him at the time!

More writers who have helped us on our journey include Sid, who wrote some really good article, and now is a writer for his local paper, it was a pleasure to have him on our team. Sebastian, Richard and Aaron also wrote a few articles for us in the early days, so huge thank you to them.

Moving toward the present, in came Kurtis Bevan, a friend of Luke’s – they both support Ipswich Town – Kurtis wrote some really good articles on Serie A – Kurtis is currently busy with college – but we can’t wait for him to start writing again!

Onto the present team – Ben, Carl, Dom, Luke, Matthew, Prentice, Rajan, Ryan and Warren. All excellent lads who all work their socks off for Dictate The Game, and help us to keep improving.


There is also some non-writers, I need to thank. From our early days, Mark Benterman, the then Halstead manager, did a lot for us, from giving us interviews, to helping us a lot. A huge thank you Mark.

More recently, there is someone we need to thank. Paul Mariner. Paul helped us grow in the thousands, when we interviewed him earlier in the year, so a huge thank you to Paul Mariner!

If I have missed anyone, a huge thank you to you too!


Finally, our biggest thank you goes to you! A huge thank you for supporting us, for sharing our week, and for giving us feedback, whether it is good or bad, it all helps to keep improving our content.

Our first year making content has been wonderful, the team have improved their writing, we’ve made friends within the community, so a huge thank you!



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