Norwich vs Hull a match review

I was invited out by a mate of mine who had a spare ticket to watch Norwich vs Hull, and it sounded like a good match, two teams pushing for promotion. I saw Norwich play before earlier in the season when I was in the away end when Sunderland won 1-3 and I thought they played quite poorly, so was interested to see if they’ve improved.


Well from the first ten to twenty minutes, Norwich were all over Hull, a better final third and they would have been winning by one or two goals, for some reason Norwich throughout the game up until the final minutes seemed afraid to go for it, which frustrated the crowd at times.

Hull started coming into the game however, and they took advantage of Pinto going missing several times during the first half, which led to them taking the lead, with Dicko scoring the opener.


We went downstairs to get a drink at half time and discussed with other Norwich fans who felt similar to us. No changes for the teams when they came out for the 2nd half and it started the same how the first half ended, with hull being the more aggressive team.

The match however was about to change in the favour for Norwich , David Myler was rightfully sent off after a second bookable offence, Norwich then brought on Nelson Oliveira Ira, who is probably their best player, Norwich grew more and more confident as the 2nd half went on, hull meanwhile were playing for time and knew as the clock was ticking down all they had to do was defend. Norwich were getting closer and closer each time. Then the official announced 5 extra minutes, which encouraged the crowd to really get behind the team, Norwich were giving everything they had pushing for that important goal.


Norwich pushing for that all important goal

Norwich and hull fans were both waiting for the whistle to go, both for different reasons. Corner after corner Norwich kept getting, Then they got one final chance, a long throw to Jerome, who flicked it in for  Oliveira, who then slid it into the goal. Cue bedlam, fans jumping up and down, hugging their mates or family, limbs everywhere as they say.


In the end I think Norwich were the better team and with better finishing and confidence would have won easily. The red card did change the game however and I feel that hull would have been happy to sit back and come out winners if that was the case

Norwich fans I will say are still the best fans I’ve seen this season, loud and proud and still fairly noisy when they were losing.

Hull city fans I felt disappointed me, hardly heard a peep from them no proper celebrations when they scored which I felt strange , and the chants I had heard were stolen off other clubs, so no originality there.


Overall it was a really good match and I do think Norwich have a very good chance of getting promoted this season.


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