Should internationals still be held at Wembley?


This was how many empty seats that was at Wembley for the World cup qualifier between England and Slovenia. The atmosphere was beyond terrible and yet the previous weekend there was 80,000 NFL fans watching two games of American football. So why was this the case? It’s partly to do with the fact England are crap, yes they’ve always been fairly crap but this was different, with the so called ‘golden generation’ we had players that could give us  the little extra bit we needed, Beckham, Rooney, Gerrard and others were so important during that period, but now we don’t really, even the likes of Kane and Alli really haven’t done anything for England since coming into the squad. But the attendance has been slowly dying and so has the atmosphere, so what should we do?


Simple, instead of playing all the England games at Wembley, play them all over the country, other countries do it just fine, last year when England had a mini tour round England and played at the Stadium of light and the Etihad the atmosphere improved, and we sold out each stadium, granted they are far smaller than Wembley but still my point stands, other international teams tour round their own countries , so I don’t see why we should be any different, it worked for years while Wembley was being built, and I think many fans would agree with me.


England vs Australia

I went to the friendly last year between England and Australia at the Stadium of Light, it was a sell out, and the atmosphere  was  really good, and it’s been proven before when England have played away from Wembley the atmosphere has been far better.  I’m not sure what causes Wembleys atmosphere to be terrible, a lot of new stadiums suffer from poor atmosphere but the attendance has been slowly dipping  and something needs to change, if it means having a trial run of games played at lets say, Anfield, Old Trafford, St James Park/Stadium of light and see how  many tickets are sold and what the atmosphere would be like.


What do you think? Should we have the international  games all around the country or should they stick to playing them at Wembley? Let me know in the comments



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