USMNT’s Saviour #1

Screenshot 2017-04-14 12.04.31.png

The United States of America – the home of Wendy’s, the statue of liberty, Mahattan Skyline and soon to be the home of World Cup (hopefully!). I have been appointed as the USMNT’s team manager after Bob Bradley was sacked after just 349 days in the job. A bit of a backstory, I started this save as a beta save when the game first came out as New York Red Bulls’ manager, and since the save started I have enjoyed huge success at the Red Bulls winning 2 MLS Cups, 2 US Cups, and 1 Supporters Shield in just 3 seasons. But the big question is can take I take my club success up to a higher level and get the World Cup the USMNT wants?

22th July 2018. The day that changed my life forever. After 2 and bit years as the head coach of the New York Red Bulls, after a disappointing World Cup, I was offered the USMNT’s manager role, and my goal is to win the World Cup by 2030.

Before my first game as the USMNT’s boss, I made drastic changes to the national team, including bringing in 7 Red Bulls including the new USA captain Dax McCarty who replaces former skipper Michael Bradley. Screenshot 2017-04-14 12.09.20.png

It was time for my first game as national team boss. We were playing Venezuela, and I expected a good perfomance, and despite the 4-3 scoreline, we put in a solid performance and I’m happy with the start we had. Striker Rubio Rubin got two goals, Tim Ream (Fulham) got a goal in the 24th minute whilst Felipe, making his international debut got a goal to mark it in the 53th minute.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 12.06.19

The next game was another friendly against Peru, and that game didn’t go too well as we lost 2-0 but we did play a rotated side.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 12.15.19.png

In the far future, I’d like to get another two of my New York players including Jack Harrison (currently of NYCFC) who holds dual citizenship of both USA and England and Luke Hyam (currently of Ipswich Town) who is 944 days into gaining his dual citizenship

There are mixed feelings after my first two games as the boss of USMNT, but I know one thing for sure, this isn’t going to be easy!

Thanks for reading Part One of USMNT’s Saviour.


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