Match review : Ipswich vs Sunderland


Tuseday the 16th of November, Ipswich played Sunderland, as a Sunderland fan living in the south I took this opportunity to go. I had never been to Portman Road before and I always love a classic old ground. The ticket was £15, which was very reasonable and I left for Ipswich  around 6pm. With each match review I’ll do, I’ll split it into two parts. One reviewing the match and the other part on what I thought of the facilities.


The Match

Well from a Sunderland fan point of view it was awful. Ipswich took the lead after 5 minutes, we equalised after 10 minutes but conceded again  quite quickly.

Sunderland kept hoofing the ball up towards the strikers, which Ipswich cut out nearly every time,  kept misplacing passes as well, apart from a 15 minute period in the 2nd half 4-1 down, we were toothless and clueless on the pitch, Every goal Ipswich scored could and should have been avoided, every goal the away fans predicted would happen, no one closed anyone down when it came to set pieces, and we were slaughtered by the left and right wingers playing for Ipswich.  Ipswich were clinical with their chances and it’s why they’ll be further up the table than us.

I wouldn’t say Ipswich played well either, I thought at times they had a few moments where they played quite sloppy, like I said earlier for 15-20 minutes we played quite well and I think if we had better strikers and people who could actually take a free kick could have seen us score a couple more goals.

After we scored, Ipswich turned it up a gear and gave us the final blow. I was quite disappointed  how quiet the Ipswich fans were, even when 4-1 up I was expecting something from them, I didn’t hear anything from them till 5-2. The Sunderland fans were decent for the majority of the game, for some reason got even louder 4-2 down, and it was far better than last weeks away following at Everton.


The facilities

Portman Road is an old ground, so it won’t have everything a newer stadium will have, so for example how tight the space is between the seats, the view you’ll get  as well for example. But I found I had a really good view of the pitch and apart from a few rows that had a pillar in the way, the majority of the Sunderland fans had a good view of the pitch.



Final thoughts

I think Sunderland will go down this season, the way we played was just awful. Nearly every single ball was won by Ipswich and they deserved to win. Sunderland fans in the last week have spent hundreds of pounds going to Liverpool and Ipswich in a space of 6 days to see us turned over once again. Sacking the manager isn’t the answer, while it’d solve a tiny bit of our problems, with our current owner we don’t stand a chance in doing anything decent. We’ll linger in the lower leagues for some years yet while under Ellis Short.


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