Football Manager 2018 Wishlist:


So with Football Manager 2018 confirmed for 10th November, lots of speculation will be made about the new features in the game. Sports interactive have also added a ‘contract extension bonus’ that means if you own Football Manager 2017 you’ll receive 25% off your purchase of the latest game.



But what should we be expecting from the latest installment of the series? In FM 2017 we saw the addition of the Social Feed, which like a real social feed was interesting at first but its appeal was lost early on. I think that the concept was great to add a supporters opinion in game as the supporters weren’t well integrated. However I do think it needs reworking with the remarks from supporters being more consistent.

As usual I would also expect to see some improvements to graphics and animation, with Instagram posts from SI themselves talking about the new graphics. It looks like they are working on some trophy animations, however that requires the user to be good at the game, so I may not experience these new features…



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So what kind of features do we want to see? Well there are two measures for new features; how good they would be to add to the game, and how likely they are to be implemented. An idea might be great to have in the game, like full licensing for all teams and leagues, but we all know that’s highly unlikely. So here are a few ideas and how likely they are to be good or in the game:


#1 – Women’s Football

FIFA included women’s football in 2016 and many thought Sports Interactive would follow suit in FM17. However it wasn’t added due to a number of reasons, firstly it was suggested that women’s football wasn’t large enough to warrant adding the feature to the game. Since then, I think the Women’s game has gotten much more popular and would be definitely worth considering. Also there is the issue of programming; distinguishing between male and female characters may cause some issues in the code but probably won’t be an issue, I’m clutching at straws here.

How good it would be to add: 4/5

How likely it is to be added: 3/5

#2 – Better team-talk interaction

I’ve been yapping on about this for years and I’m still waiting for Miles and the team to come round to it. I don’t see how you can have a 15 minute half time team talk and it’s boiled down to one statement from the manager and a reaction from the team. I think it would be great if you could have an interaction from the team and staff, a suggestion of a different formation from the assistant manager or the captain to give a great inspirational speech to help encourage the team. It would need tinkering and would probably be optional in a more in-depth mode. Whilst it’s fairly easy to add I’m not sure I’m breaking through to anyone here.

How good it would be to add: 3/5

How likely it is to be added: 3/5

#3 – Every player starts on a free contract

I know this is crazy, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a chaos mode where all players start as free agents? Not in the vanilla game but as an add on (but not like DLC don’t go down that route please). I’ve seen mods on the steam workshop for it but it would be nice of the developers to add it themselves.

How good it would be to add: 5/5

How likely it is to be added: 1/5

How likely it is to be added by the community: 4/5

#4 – Updated transfer system

The summer of 2017 will remembered as the craziest transfer window in history to date. I mean Gylfi Sigurðsson moved for £45m! To put that into context, Arsenal paid £42.5m for Mesut Özil in 2013.

The transfer window was also interesting as it had some new transfer clauses to do with winning competitions and individual awards, and no I’m not talking about Sam Hammam signing for Cardiff in 2001 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up but don’t say I didn’t warn you)

So I’d like to see more features when negotiating a contract. This could also include the ridiculous amount some teams are paying for players, hopefully this is integrated into the new game.

How good it would be to add: 4/5

How likely it is to be added: 4/5

Also don’t forget that the usual “new training features” and “team roles” would obviously be warmly welcomed, but I wanted to look at things that will be unique to FM18. Do you have any suggestions for new features? Will you be purchasing FM18?


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