Interview with Claude from ArsenalFanTV


(L-R) Troopz, DT, Robbie Lyle, Claude, Ty.

ArsenalFanTV is one of the fastest growing fans YouTube channel with over 450k subscribers. Founded by Robbie Lyle, the channel gives real fans a voice on post games and issues with the club, most notably, the situation surrounding the future of manager, Arsene Wenger. Robbie has even interviewed famous Arsenal fans including Piers Morgan and Houses of Commons Speaker, John Bercow. Regulars seen on the channel include Claude, Ty, DT, Troopz and Chris. We were lucky enough to interview Claude, we talk Alexis Sanchez, the beginning of AFTV and much more

We all have our own stories about how we were made into a fan of our beloved football team, and our first ever game,  therefore we asked when Claude started to watch his team.

How long have you been supporting Arsenal, and what was your first game?

I started going to watch Arsenal in 1971, I was born just 1 mile away from the ground.


Claude, talking to Robbie Lyle, founder of Arsenal Fan TV, with his thoughts.

ArsenalFanTV is the fastest growing fans YouTube channel, with over 400k subscribers, we asked Claude what he thought was behind the success of the channel.

ArsenalFanTV has grown to have over 400,000 subscribers, what do you believe is behind its success?

It has given fans, like me, the voice to speak up, people don’t just want to hear from ex-players, but they also love to hear the passion from the fans as well, they are the life and blood of the club.

What came about the idea of releasing Arsenal Fan TV, and did you think it would take off the way it has?

This question is really for Robbie to answer, all I know he sat down one complaining about a performance and his wife gave him the idea of creating Arsenal Fan TV, but I think even Robbie is quite surprised about how it has taken off.


Founder of Arsenal Fan TV, Robbie Lyle.

 What’s been the best thing about being part of Arsenal Fan TV?

The best thing of being part of AFTV is that I was able to meet one of my heroes, Ian Wright.


Claude and Ty meet Arsenal legend, Ian Wright.

How rewarding is it to be able to report/speak about your beloved team, Arsenal, in front of thousands online?

All I do as fan is give my views. Nothing more, nothing less, but I quite enjoy giving my views after the match.

What paths did you have to take to get to where you are?

I’ve not really got anywhere, I’m just an ordinary fan who gives his views after a game, I’ve didn’t take no real paths, I just put myself in front of a camera after a game once and haven’t stopped since.

Claude has been to watch Arsenal play in some amazing countries and equally amazing stadiums, but what was his favourite stadium we wondered…

 You’ve watched Arsenal all over Europe, in your opinion, what’s the best stadium you have ever been to?

My favourite stadium for atmosphere has got to be the Dortmund stadium [Westfalenstadion]


The 2016-17 season was a very disappointing season for Arsenal, we asked Claude what he thought needed to happen to get back into the top 4.

Last season was a very disappointing one for Arsenal as they finished outside the Champions League spots for the first time in 20 years, what do you feel Arsenal should do this summer to get the club back in to the top 4?

We need a top class striker, we also keep Alexis [Sanchez] and  [Mesut] Ozil and I still think we may need another defender.

Alexis Sanchez. The big name that has been rumoured to leave Arsenal this year, even more lately after returning back late due to illness, what does Claude think they should do keep him in South London?

 Alexis Sanchez is a big talking point this transfer window, and rumours have him linked to Chelsea and Manchester City, what do you feel the club should do keep hold of him?

We need to pay him to the limit or even take a risk and run his contract down and possibly let him leave on a free in the summer.


Everyone at Dictate the Game would like to thank Claude for taking time to answer our questions, and we wish Arsenal a very successful season, and look forward to watching him and the other fans have their say on Arsenal Fan TV for another season.

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