5 Challenges you have to try in Football Manager


Football Manager Games tend to go in annual cycles. In November when the games are released they are played a lot and dip around Christmas, then are played a lot until about June when people get bored and are anxiously waiting for the next release. If you want a challenge to get you back on the game, here are 5 interesting saves to try.

50 Cap Challenge



Buffon is currently the most capped player still playing with 169.


This sounds a lot easier than it is, but is also good if you want something a little more relaxed as its only international management. The objective is to win a world cup with a team starting below 50th in the rankings, but once a player has 50 caps, the player cannot play for the team again. It adds an interesting dynamic which makes selections more important and scouting more vital. Players who already have over 50 caps cannot be played, except the current captain who can play up to a max of 100 caps.

The Director of Football Challenge


This is good if you feel that you always sign the same players in saves and want a more varied experience. You can start with any team you’d like, and make sure you either have or sign a Director of Football early on. Then you must leave everything (transfers in and out, training and contracts) to your director of football, you can only select the teams and manage the matches. Starting with a team with larger budgets will help as there will be more activity, but you cannot bid for players yourself. You can add ‘transfer targets’ which can lead the Director of Football to a certain way, but I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

The Pentagon/Hexagon Challenge


This ancient Football Manager challenge has been around for years, and is based around winning continental competitions in each of the 5/6 major continents:

European Champions League

Asian Champions League

North American Champions League

South American Recopa

African Champions League

Oceania Champions League (Optional but I’d still recommend)

Well, you can throw in a world cup too if you’re feeling adventurous.

The club & country Challenge

for club and country

This challenge if for those with more time on your hands and like to spend a lot of time in one save, basically you must take over a club in a nation as well as the national job. You’re challenge is to win both a world cup and the relevant champions league in the same year, with over half the first XI in both teams. This could be a long term or short term save depending on the club choice and nation choice but can be played in many different ways. 

The Dafuge Challenge


A member of the community called Dafuge made an impossible challenge just that little bit more impossible.

Normally in a road to glory you’d start with a team in the lowest tier available and make your way up to the very upper echelons of the footballing world. Dafuge decided to make it harder by skipping the first year and taking position at one of the recently promoted teams, meaning you’re favourites for relegation in the lowest tier. This is a true challenge and I would love to see you one of you guys complete it.

What do you think of our picks? Have you tried/completed them yourself? Let us know!


One thought on “5 Challenges you have to try in Football Manager

  1. Leon says:

    I’m on my way with a different challenge, although it might develop into “The club & country Challenge”, taking Europa FC from Gibraltar for European Glory. Yeah, it’s gonna take a while
    Started as the lowest ranked coefficients in whole Europe with only 0.3 qualification points!
    Their base squad is actually not as bad at all and doesn’t reflect, by my estimate, the half-star club reputation. Wish me luck 😉


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