Simon Grayson – What will he bring to Sunderland?

After ten years of playing in the Premier League and half of that trying to survive by the skin of their teeth, Sunderland were relegated last season quite pathetically, the manager was found to be a very negative and he zapped the energy out of the players and the whole fanbase. So when he left the fans were left wondering who we’d get to replace him.

After a few weeks of takeover talks eventually breaking down, Sunderland needed a manager. Fans were horrified at some of the names out there. The club started having talks with Simon Grayson and appointed him on the 29th of June.


Simon Grayson isn’t exactly a name most people would get excited about, but he’s worked brilliantly at Preston with promotion from League 1 and finished two seasons in a row in 11th place on a tight budget – he’ll have a tight budget at Sunderland so he’s used to getting players on the cheap.

I think he’ll make Sunderland a team to be proud of and eventually get us promoted, it won’t happen all in one season due to the way the club is at the moment. He’s got the right attitude as well, it always seemed like Moyes was doing us a favour being our manager whereas Grayson feels like it’s a good challenge.


So what will he bring to the club?

Grayson’s teams are known for playing in a 4-4-2 formation, they’re also known for their counter attacking style of play, his Preston team from last season had less possession overall out of the majority of the teams, and while when we play at home you’d want to see us possess the ball a lot more. The most important thing is we need to win, I don’t think many fans will be bothered if we start winning games. The players he’ll bring in are ones that Sunderland have needed in a while, players who aren’t here for the money, but are proud to wear the shirt and give it their all. Sunderland fans don’t ask for a lot and there’s a reason why we love players like Kevin Ball, Lee Cattermole, Niall Quinn and Duncan Watmore over the likes of Januzaj, the players mentioned previously gave it their all and would run through brickwalls for the club. Grayson wants to bring those types of players in, while we won’t be seeing tricks and skills from them or anything like that, we’ll have players that actually want to play for the club, something we’ve not had as a team for years.

What players will he bring in?

At the time of writing he’s already made two signings, Brendan Galloway and Ty browning, both are from Everton, they’re here on season long loans. Galloway who’s 21, can play in centre-half  or Left-back. While Browning can play centre-half or right-back. Both are highly regarded especially Galloway.

Sunderland have also signed Aiden McGeady. He’s a fast winger, who played under Grayson last season, so I’m hoping when he comes he’ll be playing with that form that won him player of the month in February. With the addition of a striker, James Vaughan from Bury, Sunderland are slowly building a squad that’ll perform extremely well in the championship.

I don’t expect Grayson to get us promoted this season, it’s going to take a while as I stated earlier, but we need to back him, as a fanbase and the club itself. This is going to be such an important season for the club and I’m looking forward to it already.





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