Mega Project #11 – Drama!

Welcome back to another Mega Project, last time out, it was revealed that Stirling had sacked Mason – this time, we hear from Talksport, Sky Sports on some recent rumours about a coup from the Stirling squad, 5 moments that defined his Stirling stay, and we hear from fellow professionals and his friends on the rumours that the players snaked on Mason.

Recent Reports

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TalkSport were taking phone calls regarding the sacking of Mason Bradshaw and their thoughts and opinions regarding Stirling Albion.

One listener known as James Murray rang in to say “I have heard a lot about Mason losing the dressing room. A lot of people close to the club have said since the dreadful start players were not listening.”

Chris Sutton replied asking “How do you know he lost the dressing room? In their recent form they were winning games and collecting valuable points. At one point, I was fairly certain they were going to get out of the bottom spot and really push on in the league.”

James’ response “I am just going of what I have been told. At the end of the day, if he lost the players faith and they went to the chairman then you can see why he was sacked. I have supported Stirling since I was born, I am 57 now. Mason seemed like a nice guy, but at the end of the day didn’t perform when needed to. I was very surprised he was appointed to begin with, he has no experience and was probably the boards favourite because they didn’t have to pay any clubs any compensation.”

Another listener was on the show and her views were a bit different “If what James is saying is true, the players should be ashamed of themselves. How dare they go behind the managers back in the way they did, especially someone who lacks any experience and was actually turning the tables round. If you look at what Mason brought in, in terms of players its no surprise they were picking up points. I have been told that the next appointment Stirling make over their manager will be someone is experienced and has the ability to avoid the drop.”

The final caller was 16 year old Toby Hughes ” I play a lot of Football Manager (the game) and I was managing Clyde, when I loaded the save up and looked at Mason Bradshaw’s in game attributes I laughed. No wonder Stirling sacked him, he has absolutely no idea how to manage a football team. I can’t see him getting another job any time soon, unless it’s a Sunday league team. He was sacked two months into the save, in case you were wondering. I am three years in and it says Mason has retired from management. I hope, for his sake he has some plans because this would be an incredibly funny story to tell your kids when you’re older.”

That’s all we had time for, what are your thoughts on Mason and Stirling Albion? The right decision or was it too early to judge Mason’s managing ability?

Mason Bradshaw, or shall we say Badshaw? 

Mason Bradshaw’s first job in football management came to a terrible end after a poor run of form. Stirling Albion took the risk with Brighton born, Mason. Mason has no experience in the game before taking the role as first team manager at recently relegated, Stirling Albion. The Bino’s sit last in the Scottish League Two, however are joint on points.

The sacking of Mason comes as no surprise, he seemed to lack any real desire to get stuck in. He seemed massively out of his depth as a manager and didn’t look like he was ready to make the big move up north. Although his sacking isn’t much of a surprise, what is a surprise is that he’s being linked with moves to Russia, America and Egypt.

According to sources close to Mason and Stirling Albion, he was paid the remainder of his contract and is set to stay in Stirling till his contract at his rented property comes to an end. Mason has declined to comment on his future, however did mention that “what’s meant to be, is meant to be.”

It is very unlikely that Mason will go back in to management, it is proven that over 80 percent of managers who are sacked at their first job do not go back in to managing. Whatever happens, good luck Mason.

5 Moments in Bradshaw’s season that defined his 6 months at Stirling:

1 – 6th August 2016 – Annan 2-1 Stirling Albion FC

In Masons league match as manager things did not get off to a great start. In a fairly even match, Albion didn’t manage to get any points and missed several chances, striking the woodwork 3 times.

2 – 10th September 2016 – Stirling Albion FC 0-6 Edinburgh City

His worst defeat as boss saw them lose at home by six. Completely outplayed and outclassed by a team that dominated. That made it 5 defeats in a row.

3 – Cowdenbeath 5-1 Stirling Albion FC

Played 8, lost 8. This made it 7 scored and 32 conceded. A poor start to management.

4 – 5th November 2016 – Stirling Albion FC 2-1 Forfar

The clubs first league win of the season after 11 matches. An undeserved victory but a victory nonetheless.

5 – 7th January 2017 – Stirling Albion 2-3 Clyde  

His last game as manager saw the team lose to the eventual champions. A valiant effort, but it was too little, too late.

Stirling Albion_ Schedule Senior Squad.png

After the recent rumours of a number of players going behind Mason’s back asking the board to sack him, fellow managers and football experts have been discussing this:

Journalist, Bobby Smith, asked Brendan Rodgers what he thought on the rumour, he stated “If the rumours are true, the players should hang their heads in shame. A player should never go behind a managers back. I hope Mason gets another job and proves himself.”

Match of the Day pundit, Alan Shearer, was up in Stirling promoting getting younger kids into football, and was asked the question, and his reply was less than unkind to Darren Petrie, a high profile player who apparently ‘snaked’ on their manager, “if the rumours are true about Petrie, then he should be ashamed. I do hope the rumours are just the papers stirring up issues that are not true, but I have my doubts.”

Piers Morgan, an Arsenal fan, said this about the rumours, “I was surpirsed when they [Stirling] appointed him [Bradshaw], but if the rumours are true, you should be disgusted @darrenpetrie49.”

Darren Petrie

Darren Petrie tweeted that he was sorry to see Mason go, but Mason’s friend Andrew Smith wasn’t so sure…

“It’s all good them tweeting ‘so sorry’ and thank you Mason, its a pity they didn’t say that when the chairman came calling”

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