Mega Project #9 – Points, Points and more Points

Welcome back to another Mega Project, as we continue to follow Mason’s journey as a football manager. Today, we hear from Mason himself as he writes for again, his former colleague Andrew Smith about his start, Ross McMillan the Stirling captain, and Mason’s financial advisor.

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Mason writes to – December 2016

Welcome back to again. Its me again – Mason Bradshaw. And I write on better results this time!

We just can’t stop picking up these points now! I’ll admit it now – after my first 6 games, I was close to tendering my resignation to the board – and it was only after a phone call to my brother that changed my mind. Boy, I am so glad I did. From certain relegation favourites to just points off safety with loads of games to go.

Once again, I’d like to thank the fans for their fantastic support – all of you, but a few, have supported us through thick and thin. Thank you.

We started off with an away trip to Elgin City, where 41 fans travelled with us, and we picked up a valuable point on the road, but after taking the lead in the second minute, it is a shame we didn’t get the win. Back to the home turf now, as we played Arbroath, and a huge attendance of 450 came, and we beat them one-nil, and it was a good game. Back to Cup duty – and I’ve always made it clear – I want a cup run, and we’ve got one.

We drew the first game a goal a piece before winning the replay on penalties 4-3 and we go into the fourth round against Cowdenbeath!

It was time to get back to league duty and we had double away trips against Berwick and Edinburgh City. The first game we conquered, winning 1-0 thanks to Scott O’Neil’s early goal in the second half but sadly Edinburgh City handed us our first defeat in six games as we lost 2-1 as we went down to ten men late on. We currently still sit 10th in the league, but we are now only four points off 9th, and not too long ago, that seemed like a dream. Keep with us, we are going to get ourselves out of this mess we put ourselves in.

Once again, a huge thank you for your great support!

Mason Bradshaw

Interview with Andrew Smith

Andrew taking a session at Tranmere Rovers open day trials.


We have spoken to Andrew Smith twice before regarding Mason Bradshaw. This time we wanted to get an update on Andrew’s situation regarding Mason and Stirling Albion. The ex-Tranmere man gives us an update on Stirling and Mason.

A lot of us are still surprised your location is in the Wirral and not in Stirling, how come things didn’t work out with you and Mason?

What? Where are you getting all this from? Last time we spoke I said if Mason needed me, I would try and come up with a plan to get things rolling. Me and Mason have spoke a number of times and thought the best thing to do was for him to get his own backroom staff. I don’t want to go in to details, but I’m retired, Stirling have to work with an extremely tight budget and me relocating to Stirling would do more harm then good.

Did Mason ever ask you to go up North?

No, not really. He has asked for a lot of advice, but that’s to be expected. He has never once asked me to come up there and help, but I do plan on coming up in the coming months to watch some of the training sessions. The results on the pitch are gradually improving, which is a start, but there’s still a long season ahead.

Do you think Stirling Albion will beat the drop?

If Mason is still in charge, then yes.

Why do you think Mason’s start wasn’t as good as it quite possibly could have been? I mean, we’ve seen the way Stirling have been playing and it’s not exactly the most exciting style of play. A number of different formations, different players. Has Mason gone mad?

I am not sure what you are expecting me to reply to this? I find it quite disrespectful that you think he has gone mad, especially considering I am one of his closest friends. On that note, I will be leaving. You’ll be calling me back in a few years when Mason is making global headlines. Goodbye.

Interview with Stirling captain, Ross McMillan


Ross McMillan, the 34-year-old captain of Stirling Albion has been talking to the press recently about the clubs form and the new manager.

The club sit bottom of the league, but McMillan is hopeful of his teams chances of survival. He said “Whilst we haven’t had the best of starts, I believe in the manager and the players at this club. We need to push on and start getting points from games and eventually we’ll make it out the other side. We’ve been unlucky in a few of the games we’ve played recently and we need to see out games. I’m sure we can turn it around.”

When asked about the new manager, the defender said: “Mason is a great coach, manager and friend of everybody in the dressing room. He’s come in with little experience and its shown so far, but he’s a determined guy and will want to prove everybody wrong. He’s learned that there is a steep learning curve in football, and he’s getting used to how things work in this league. If we stay up and he’s here next season then you’ll see us in a different position, I can assure you of that”

So Ross seems to be very admiring of the new manager, but when asked about Mason’s flaws: “Mason needs to work with the team and play to our strengths, a number of players don’t like him changing formations and tactics often as it upsets the rhythm of the team. He also needs to work out who his best eleven are, and use them more often to build up match fitness and sharpness. I’m worried that if he spreads game time across 25 or even 30 players, then we won’t have a best eleven that can push on and secure more points.”

Financial Advisor


The following is a phonecall between Mason Bradshaw and his Financial Advisor, Peter Matthews.

Peter: Hello, Mason?

Mason: Yeah, this is Mason. Who’s this?

Peter: This is Peter Matthews, Financial advisor at Stirling Albion. How are you?

Mason: Decent, thanks. How are you?

Peter: I’m good. I’m just phoning you to talk about your financial situation with the club. The chairman told you before you took the job that you’d have to work with a limited financial state, and I’m here to tell you that you’ve thrived under it so far.

Mason: That’s great news!

Peter: Yeah, it is. So let me give you a summary of the Finances. Your overall balance so far for the club is £180k. It’s been going down slightly over the course of the season, having once been nearly £300k, but it really isn’t anything to be worried about. Your transfers have taken a bit out of the balance but not too much. You also let go of a few players, freeing up some wage, which is decent. This month has been good for the club. We’ve got a profit of £2,737 of profit. An income of £11k, whereas we’re spending nearly £9k, three thousand of which goes to player wages and one thousand goes to staff wages. All this is pretty decent, Mason. However, out of the 11k in income, 6k of that was from Prize money, which means that next month, if no prize money comes in, we might be in the red.

Mason: I think I understand all of that, and I think it’s good?

Peter: It is! Also, another positive is that we currently have no loans or debts to pay off, so we have absolutely no payments to make any time soon. However, as I said before, I do expect our money to go downhill a bit. I expect, at the end of the season, we will have a loss of £210k, but that’s only if things continue how they are. I’m sure the staff at the club will find a way to win more money, and I’m 100% sure that your performances as manager will have a massive impact on that.

Mason: Well, I hope so. I’ll do what I can to help the club!

Peter: That’s a great attitude to have! Right, I’m going to go now. Have a great week, Mason!

Mason: You too, Peter!

Mason’s really picked it up! Just 4 points off 9th now!

Screenshot 2017-06-26 15.37.23

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