Why Pickford is perfect for Everton

It was always going to happen wasn’t it? Sunderland being relegated and one of their best players has been linked with a move  away from the club.

Speculation over Jordan Pickford’s future has been a big talking point among Everton fans. It’s quite refreshing to be linked with a goalkeeper who isn’t scared of the ball.

I find the move to be perfect for all involved. Usually goalkeepers don’t get their chance till later on in their career, often because they hit their peak later than outfield players, but Pickford has relished under the opportunity.


Reasons why he’s perfect for Everton:


Home Grown Status


Probably the reason the fee for Pickford has raised a few eyebrows, but that’s what you expect. Any English/Home Grown players value will increase, that’s natural, if he was Brazilian it’s unlikely the fee would be around the same margin.

This is very important for most Premier League clubs who look to find foreign talent and bring them in to the team, finding someone of the same calibre and being English is a much safer way to go about business.

It’s also very important in the Europa League, it’s a win win for Pickford and Everton. According to many transfer reports, the vast majority of sources have been linking Everton with English (home grown players).



The 23 year old has represented England since he was playing for the under 16’s back in 2009. He isn’t exactly the perfect keeper, but who is? He’s played one full season in the Premier League and for a goalkeeper of his age is very impressive.

Jordan has played in 147 league games since his career started in 2011/12 season where he was loaned out to Darlington. Jordan made 17 league appearances for The Quakers. Pickford has also enjoyed spells at Alfreton Town, Burton Albion, Carlisle United, Bradford City and Preston North End before returning to Sunderland and making his first full Premier League season.

The Englishman has a wealth of playing experience, but judging a player based on one season at a truly dreadful Sunderland may be costly.

Not Scared To Save A Ball


Time for some statistics, my favourite.

Whilst I was looking at Squakwa.com I noticed the awards on show, such as Top Man in team which he won 8 times in 29 appearances. Another award was for top defence which he also won 8 times. Keeper of the week 4 times and man of the match twice. Pretty impressive considering he was bombarded with shots for the majority of the game.

It comes no surprise that Jordan was target practise for most clubs this season. In the 29 games Jordan played, he saved 110 shots. Gomes was close in second with 105, however had played 727 more minutes than Jordan. Hardly a surprise to anyone?

When we directly compare this to Everton and their two goalkeepers Joel Robles and Maarten Stekelenburg were making less saves between them in ten more games then Jordan did. Maarten and Joel saved 79 shots between them in 39 games (one was a substitute) where as Jordan saved 105 in 29 games. Obviously it’s hard to make a comparison on who’s better because Everton weren’t a struggling team this year where as Sunderland had lost all hope once Moyes was appointed, but you get a rough idea that Pickford isn’t scared to save a shot.

The video above demonstrates what a solid goalkeeper he is. Take a moment to appreciate how awful Sunderland’s defence really is and how many times Pickford has been there to save the day.

He also has incredible distribution. Unfortunately, as Sunderland only really had Defoe as their outlet it was hard to see this being demonstrated, however this video shows an incredible assist he picked up on international duty.


Overall, I think Everton have signed a very exciting prospect. The only downfall is that he’s only had one year experience in the Premier League and his fee could rise to £30 million, is it a risk? Yes. Is it my money? No. Do I care how much he costs? No. Is he better than Joel? ABSOLUTELY.

Out of all the goalkeepers Everton have been linked with (Joe Hart, Kasper Schmeichel and Fraser Forster) I definitely think Pickford is the most suited to Everton.

It will be a massive season for Everton and Pickford. After Everton have secured a spot in the Europa League qualifications, it’s time for Pickford to step up to the next stage of his career and play European football. Hopefully Pickford can relish the opportunity like he’s done all his career and cement a starting position in The Toffees line up, and potentially be a candidate for England’s number one.


Hopefully you enjoyed this article. Let us know what you think about Jordan Pickford’s move to Everton and whether or not he’s suited.


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