Mega Project #7 – The League Begins…

Welcome back to another Mega Project, where it is time for Mason to start his managerial career. Mason is about to play his first six league games as Stirling boss. We hear his message to the fans, an interview with star left-back Darren Petrie on their disappointing start, and we also hear the Stirling board’s thoughts on their start to the season.



Stirling boss, Mason Bradshaw, wrote to the fans’ on the club’s website.

“I’ll be the first person to admit that the season hasn’t started the way I wanted, or anyone else connected to the club wanted the season to start.”

“Firstly, I want to thank all of the thirty-one people who travelled with us to play Hamilton Under 20s in the Challenge Cup. Your support was very much appreciated, I am sorry we couldn’t send you home with a result to be positive about.”

“Our league form, to put it bluntly, has been nothing but a disgrace so far, and I have to take responsibility for that. To play six games, and not to win or even draw a single one is shocking, and I apologise on behalf on my team.”

“I did, however, think that we were very unlucky to not get something in the first game, when it was an even game, but you have to take your chances, and simply put – we didn’t. The first home game – which had an amazing atmosphere, so thank you for your support – was a game I thought the scoreline told a different story to the game – yes, I admit, Clyde were better than us, but four goals better, I don’t think so. I’m not making any excuses for the Montrose game. We were shocking. The team was shocking. I got my tactics wrong.”

“The next game was a game I wanted to get something from – but it wasn’t to be. We played alright, but not enough to win and we have to improve. The next game I am truly embarrassed to even be involved in. To lose 6-0 at all is a disgrace, but in front of nearly 600 of our fans and at home. As I tweeted, the only words I had after the game was “Oh dear, oh dear” That is one hundred times worse, and I have talked to the players and we have come to an agreement that we will repay the cost of the ticket to any fan that came to support us.”

“The last game I saw improvements in. The scoreline doesn’t reflect the game well in my opinion. Ross [Kavanagh] has a really good game, and we looked dangerous attacking but our defensive duties let us down again. Stick with us, I ask. Continue to support like you have so far. We will, and must, improve.

Once again, thanks for your excellent support.

Mason Bradshaw




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Local newspaper, The Stirling Press interviewed Stirling’s star left back, Darren Petrie after their 4-2 loss to Forfar. Take a read below.


Stirling Albion’s Darren Petrie.

Shocking Stirling Looking to Bounce Back

Stirling have had an incredibly poor start to the season. Mason Bradshaw’s team have played five league games, conceding 23 goals in the process. There needs to be a quick turn around if Stirling have any chance of staying up, or is Mason out of his depth? We caught up with Left back, Darren Petrie after the 4-2 loss to Forfar.

“We are looking to bounce back. We have been poor at home and away, but I can assure you things will change.”

Why haven’t results been going your way?

“I have no idea, we haven’t been good enough on the day. In training we get everything spot on. We have faith in the manager and his staff, we aren’t going to turn are backs away from the results but I can assure you we will improve in the next running of games.”

Would you blame yourself for the results?

“It’s hard not to blame yourself, especially after results like today. We have a good enough team to win these sort of games, but we just can’t push it across the line. The manager has completely changed his tone, we know we are fighting for our places in the team.”

“I’d like to apologise to the fans, they are so important and I hope they can stick by us. The season is far from over and we can turn it around with your support.”

It’s hard to put a finger on what’s going wrong at Stirling, the manager, players or the running of the club. However at this stage, it looks like Mason is massively out of his depth. He will need to turn it around quickly or he will be sacked.

Stirling’s next game is against Elgin City at Home, so make sure you get down there and support the team.



Stuart Brown

Dear Mason,

I’m writing to you to discuss your start at Stirling Albion FC. We’re particularly happy with your recent signings, however we’re going to strongly encourage you to add depth to this squad. The loan signing of Scott O’Neil could be fantastic and we have high hopes for the season ahead.

Your pre-season cup performance was, as expected very challenging but we understand that as a manager you require time to stabilise a team and providing a strong league standing at the end of the year, we have no worries about the current performances of the team.

Also the fans seemed to have taken to you very well, our recent spokesman heaped praise on your arrival and the club and fans are optimistic about your season at the club.

I also would like to make some changes to our original expectations, if you have any problems with these do not hesitate to contact me:

Domestic Success:

          League performance is expected to stay the same.

          Whilst the current cup expectations are 4th round of the Scottish cup and 2nd round of the Scottish league challenge cup. If you do better in one cup, we are happy to accept a worse performance in the other cup.

Youth Development:

          Bring in 5 (previously 3) Academy players in March and hand them professional contracts.

          Not worried about the lowering of the squad age anymore.

Financial standing:

          Wage budget now increased to £5000 (was £4000)

We hope these changes help the squad and we look forward to a strong and stable season.

Many Thanks

Stuart Brown

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