Interview with Norwich City FC Player, Henry Pollock

East Anglian team, Norwich, has a good history. The good history they have is mostly due to good players. Good players come from all over the world, from Russia to Brazil, yet Norwich U19’s also holds some good, young players in it’s midst. Henry Pollock is one of them, and after a an interview with him, we’d like to share some of his answers to our questions with you.
Henry Pollock is East Anglian born and bred. He is part of the Under 18’s team at Norwich Football Club, who currently play in the English Championship. (The second league in England.) Playing as a Central Defensive Midfielder, Henry is one of the brightest youngster in East Anglia.

Question 1. Who was your idol growing up?

Henry: My idol growing up was Sergio Busquets.

Question 2. How did you get into the beautiful game?

Henry: I joined my first Club at age 3, it was a Saturday League club.

Question 3. What aims do you want to reach during your career?

Henry: One day, I want to play in the Premier League.

4. Any advice for kids who aspire to play for professional clubs?

Henry: Keep working hard, keep playing Football. It’s simple, really.

5. What is being part of a footballing academy like?

Henry: It’s very good to be working towards playing for the First Team at a young age.


6. Have you always been a central midfielder or have you played in other positions?

Henry: At first, I played on the left wing until age 11, then I started to play Central Midfield. At age 12 I started playing a more defensive role and have done so ever since.

7. In terms of playing style, whose would you say yours most resembles?

Henry: I tried to tailor my game after my idol, Sergio Busquets, so I have to go with him.

8. As our website is named Dictate the Game, would you say that you dictate the game or is your playing style opposite?

Henry: I would definitely like to think so. It does match how I try to play, so yes.

9. If you weren’t a Footballer, what would you like to be?

Henry: I honestly don’t know. I have never really though of a career outside of football.

10. How has the training you received at Norwich bettered your life outside of Football?

Henry: Well, being exposed to a professional environment in Football, it’s very different to anything else that can be experienced in any other workplace. I think coping with this has bettered me as a person outside of Football.

I’d like to thank Henry for his interview with us at Dictate the game and wish him the best of luck in his Footballing career. I’d also like to thank those of you who took the time to read this interview.


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