Mega Project #5 – Wow! I have an office!

It’s Mason’s first day as Stirling Albion boss, and we hear from the Stewart Taylor, the scout, the chairman, Stuart Brown, the under 20’s coach/scout, Andrew Todd, and the man himself, Mason Bradshaw. Unfortunately, the Assistant Manager is still on holiday in Bulgaria so was not able to speak with Mason.

First up, Stewart Taylor gives Mason a scout report on players he is recommending to keep an eye on this summer.

Hi Mason, welcome to Stirling Albion.

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself, I am Stewart Taylor, current Chief Scout at the club. I am entirely unsure what your plans are with the current staff as the chairman hasn’t been in touch with me. I have been at the club since 2002, so as you can imagine this club means a lot to me and my family.

I have sent you a few profiles of players who I think you should take a look at, who can really add to the team. I have been quite busy during pre-season gathering information on these players, some have been harder than others due to their age and playing experience, however I hope the information I have sent you is sufficient enough.

Olumide Durojaiye_ Overview Profile

Olumide Durojaiye Report

Olumide Durojaiye

Olumide is someone I really think we can sign. He is still very young too, and can definitely progress. He was released by Falkrik in the summer although I have kept a close eye on him during the summer months and not many clubs are interested, however I am aware that St Mirren are looking at him.

In terms of what he can offer to this team, he definitely likes to get around the pitch and would be an excellent Ball Winning Midfielder for Stirling. Also to note, the league is very physical so having someone who can sit in front of the defence to pick up the ball and recycle possession could be very crucial for us.

Some of the the traits I have noticed about him, although he isn’t the most aggressive player if the doesn’t like a decision he will often argue with officials which could lead in to trouble – we definitely want to keep eleven players on the pitch at all times.

I have  attached a YouTube video of him playing, so you can see him for yourself : Olumide Durojaiye

Steven Ross_ Overview Profile

Steven Ross Report

Steven Ross

If we want to fight for the play off’s this year, we will definitely need a striker of the highest calibre. Steven fits the bill perfectly, he is very versatile as a striker, a man capable of playing a number of roles in the striking position.

Unfortunately Elgin City released him during the summer months meaning he is a free agent, however a positive with this, we don’t have to deal with another club. Airdrie and Alloa are both interested in the 22 year old, so lets get an offer in soon if we want Steven.

Although on paper Steven looks really good for this level, he has only managed to score one goal in his 43 appearances, but he has played in the Scottish Premier League with Ross County, so his composure seems to make up for his lack of scoring ability at a higher level. I definitely think he will be a good signing for this league, and under the right management we can push him to the next level. Although he has been playing as a striker in recent years, he has not always played there, usually playing behind the striker when he was younger.

Here’s a video of his only career goal so far: Steven Ross Goal

Michael McGowan_ Overview Profile.png

Michael McGowan Report

Michael McGowan

As I am not fully aware of the formation you are wanting to play, I have found an experienced winger who can add to both flanks if needs be. I have suggested Michael because of his versatility and if for example someone gets injured, he is able to play either wing.

He was released by Ayr two years ago and hasn’t been playing for a while, so he may not be as good as he used to be, however I think his versatility makes up for it. He is also very determined, which is a great bonus, if we were to get Michael in on a free transfer he would be an ideal tutor.

One thing that does let him down is his finishing, however it’s not a major issue. I am not saying he is a world beater, however he could be a very good squad player and with fixtures coming thick and fast we will need someone of Michael’s ability to play.

I have attached a video of Michael socring for Dundalk from just inside the oppositions half: Michael scoring from half way line.

After hearing who the scouts recommend keeping an eye on and possibly buying this summer, what does the chairman, Stuart Brown, expect from Mason this season?

Stuart Brown

Dear Mason,

Congratulations on your recent appointment within the team. After a meeting with the other board members we have set some objectives that we’d like completed within the next year. They are broken down into categories (Domestic Success, Youth Development, Global Branding and Financial Standing) and your performance in these categories will help us when deciding to renew your contract.

Please note that some of the objectives are more important than others, and as a result some success/failures may weigh more heavily than others.

Domestic Success:

          Reach the Promotion Playoff of Ladbrokes League 2.

          Reach the 4th Round of the Scottish Cup.

          Reach the 2nd Round of the Scottish League Challenge Cup.

Youth Development:

          Bring through 3 Academy players in March and hand them professional contracts.

          Lower our clubs average age from 24 to 23.

          Sign 2 players under 24 who play over 15 games this season in the first team.

Global Branding:

          Have an average home attendance of over 500

          Increase our Twitter followers to 2,200

Financial Standing:

          Ensure the Wage Budget does not exceed £4,000 per week.

           Make a profit across the summer and January transfer windows.

Please remember that these objectives are important, and while we respect your position as manager, these should be your focus for the next year. Should this go well and we’ll allow more flexibility in the future.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Stuart Brown


We’ve heard from everyone but Mason himself, but don’t worry because Mason has written his second blog post for ‘Mason’s Journey’, which you can read below!

Screenshot 2017-04-28 14.22.27Screenshot 2017-04-28 14.22.31

Now, finally we move on to Andrew Todd the under 20’s coach/scout. Lets see what he has to say.

Andrew Todd: Hi Mason, I’m Andrew Todd, a coach for the U-20 youth squad, as well as a scout. As the only staff member looking over the U-20s, I have taken it upon myself to identify 3 youth prospects that you could potentially utilise during your time here.

The first player I have highlighted is Ronan Fallons, a 19 year old Scottish Goalkeeper, he is currently on a £15 p/w contract till the end of the season. His main role is a standard Goalkeeper, but if we need to, he has the statistics to be trained up as a Sweeper Keeper role. His key statistics include, high reflexes for this level, he is quite confident when handling the ball, which will decrease the amount of unfortunate incidents where the goalkeeper mis-handles the ball. He also has a high level of natural fitness for this level he is currently playing. Now he isn’t the finished product, but saying that none of the youth squad are finished products, but he has the potential to be a first team Goalkeeper in the next few years.

adam 2
My second candidate for youth prospects to highlight is the 20 year old Central Defender Scott Davidson. He’s on a £50 p/w contract until the end of the season. His main role is as a defensive centre back, but if we need to; with a bit of training he can be employed as a standard central defender and as a ball-playing defender. His physicals are some of the best physical stats I have seen: Strength, Stamina and Natural fitness being main statistics for the defensive roles he can play. His work rate is one of the best I have seen in the squad and that is exactly what we would need across the board at the club, players who are ready and expected to put the effort in.

adam 3

Finally , there is Morgan Reid,a Central Midfielder on a £5 p/w contract until the end of next season.His main role is as a standard central midfielder, other roles he can play, include:Ball winning midfielder,Advanced Playmaker,Deep Lying Playmaker and Box to Box Midfielder. He possess a decent first touch,he’s willing to put the effort in to gain possession or push play up the field,and he’s got some decent physical statistics to support that, as he has the acceleration to get from one end of play to another.

Now I hope that you take these reports and keep them in the back of your mind,to be able to utilise these prospects during your time here.


Thank you for reading the latest edition to Mason Bradshaw’s career in football management. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and opinions regarding the appointment.

Don’t forget to follow Mason Bradshaw on Twitter: @MasonBradshawFM


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