The Future of Football


The game has turned into a business. (Photo:

Football has changed over the last 20-25 years. So much in fact, sometimes the phrase “Football did exist before 1992” is used, referring to the fact that 1992 is when the Premier League was founded and big bucks made its way into the game we love. Seeing how much the game had changed in the last 20 years made me think what would football be like in 20 years, 50 years, or even 100 years, therefore, I decided to write this article about The Future of Football.



  • A player will go for a billion pounds transfer fee – in recent years, we’ve seen the transfer record fee smashed and it currently sits at 89 million pounds after Paul Pogba moved back to United, but how long will this fee remain the record fee? Not very long is my guess. I do feel as more money comes into the game, we’ll see more teams paying £100 million plus on players and eventually a player will be brought for £1 billion! 1-billion-dollars.jpg
  • Premier League fixtures and cup finals will start to be played abroad – I believe this one will happen sooner rather than later – we’ve recently seen NFL start playing games at Wembley Stadium to try to gain an UK audience, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Premier League or FA did the same on US soil this time. I don’t think many games will be played abroad a year, maybe one or two games a season, but with football growing in the United States and excellent facilities, I find it hard to believe this won’t happen within the next 25 years.
  • 825px-Redbull_arena.jpg

    Red Bull Arena could be one of the stadiums where matches are played if they do play matches in the USA. Red Bull Arena is regarded as one of the best soccer-specific stadiums in the USA.

  • A Premier League 2 will be created – again, I feel this will be in the not too distance future, as they have already talked about this idea to create a Premier League 2, but personally, I think this idea would just further make football money ran even more than it currently is. index.jpeg
  • More star players will move to the MLS at a younger age – the MLS is mainly known for European super stars moving to America for “one last payday” as they sign as Designated Players, but in the future, I can see more star players moving to the MLS at a younger age, but this one is depending on the fact if the MLS remove their salary cap so more franchises can afford bigger wages on their rosters.


    Thierry Henry was a DP for the New York Red Bulls

  • There will be a female manager in the Premier League – Women’s football has risen in recent years, and not long ago, the Lionesses finished 3rd in the World Cup, and I believe that within the next 50 years, we will see the first female manager in the Premier League, female managers have already started managing professionally in Scotland and other countries.

    French side, Clermont Foot appointed Corrine Diacre in 2014 and is still their manager today.

    So these are my Future of Football predictions, and what I think will happen in the next 100 years, do you see a difference future, remember “The future hasn’t been written yet. The future is whatever we make of it.” Who knows? We could have a life changing invention next year that completely changes the future. Who would have guessed in 1985 that we would have tablet computers? Not even Doc Brown!




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