Away Day Review: Holland FC (Rush Green Bowl)

On Saturday 7th January 2016, I travelled 45 minutes up the road from Halstead to Clacton. Rush Green Bowl to be exact. The home of FC Clacton, and also where Holland FC play their home games. It was the start of a new era for the away side, as they played the first game since the club and former manager, Mark Benterman, parted company.

The prices were reasonable for this level, paying £6 for an adult, and £3 for a child. As part of the admission fee, you also get a match programme which is a very good touch by Holland.

The club had 3 small stands, two seated and one standing, they are located on the north, east and west sides of the stadium. The club has a clubhouse which serves both the home and away with both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and basic snacks. The club has really good hot food choices for this level with a burger van inside the stadium selling hot food and drinks, I personally didn’t buy any food so I don’t know if the food was worth the price, but they were reasonable for a football ground.

The stand on the West side of the stadium (Photo:

The ground does have their own parking for both home and away fans, however, the car park overflowed on my trip here, with cars having to park outside of actual spaces.

The club also has basic corporate facilities in the ground for sponsors, directors and businesses.

The car park (Photo: fishslice)

In my experience, I found that there was very few home fans, I don’t know if this just happened that day, or if it is because they play in Clacton instead of Holland on Sea. There was a good atmosphere from the strong Halstead following who went mental after they came back to win 2-1.

The quality of the match was really good, both teams really went for it, and made it a good game of football. The referee ruined the match slightly, due to many dubious and awful decisions, as he tended to ignore the stonewall fouls but give the questionable.

Overall, I rate this away day – 8/10. A good day away and I’d recommend the experience to anyway. The reason it only gets 8/10 is because of the lack of home fans, the overflowing of the car park.


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