Draft Mode #2 – Non League Only! (w/ Paddy Cousins)

Two weeks ago, we saw the launch of a brand new series on here, Draft Mode. After missing last week due to personal commitments, we are back with the second instalment of draft mode. Once again, Paddy will be making a video of our draft, and you can see it here.

The rule this week is simple. You can only draft non league players. Hopefully, Dictate the Game will do better this week. The score is currently 1-0 to Paddy.


Each player will have 5 minutes to make a shortlist of the players they want to draft, after those 5 minutes are up, each player has a minute to select a player otherwise they pass that pick.

Each player picked 18 players from the Vanarama leagues from a £250 million, it is safe to say, we didn’t need that much!

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Paddy’s 11 Squad


Dictate the Game’s Squad

Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.01.35.png


Screenshot 2017-02-02 17.02.42.png

Dictate the Game lined up in a 4-3-12, with M.Ingham, S.Rooney, R. Cresswell, P. Mills, D. Wishart, T. Miller (formerly of Ipswich), C. Chantler, J. Reason, J. Rooney, J. White, R. Murphy.

Paddy’s 11 lined up in a 4-4-2, with S. Jalal, M. Hancox, R. Johnson, M. Smith, D. Westlake, A. Connolly, A. Thanoj, N. Bailey, L. Coulson, T. Robinson and M. Tubbs.

I was 2-0 at half time, and gave this team talk.


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Somehow, from being 2-0 up at half time, I ended up losing the game 3-2 on penalties. If you look at the stats, you’d say that it was a deserved victory for Paddy’s 11. But like you’ll hear in the video, he went to Shoot on Sight so thats why he had so many shots.

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Congratulations to Paddy who takes another win under his belt, and makes the series 2-0 to him. I’ve got some serious work to do next week!

To see Paddy’s channel, click here

To see Paddy’s video of the draft with me and him discussing the draft, and the MLS (yes, I know!), click here.

To see the last draft, click here.


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