A rather new addition to the game, FM Online Draft, is something that I feel is very often overlooked, and therefore I really wanted to write a series of articles about it to try and improve it’s exposure. Admittedly, when Football Manager 2016 first came out, I didn’t really play it very often, instead choosing to stick t the classic career mode, however after watching WorkTheSpace and DoctorBenjyFM play it in a series on YouTube, I started to play it.

Here are some brief details about the draft mode:

  • You all get an even budget, from 20 million, 50 million or 250 million.
  • You can get up to 30 players from your budget.
  • There is a number of ways you can play – a knockout cup, a league (3+), or a head to head league (3+)

Over the next few months, I will be playing a number of fellow content creators, and some of my cowriters here at Dictate the Game. First up is Patrick Cousins, who is a FM YouTuber, and you can check out his channel here. Both myself and Patrick will have a budget of £250million pounds to build our squads, but with one twist, all players must be all American.


Each player will have 5 minutes to make a shortlist before hand, then have a minute to choose their pick, before they pass the pick and it goes to the next pick.

Each player picked 18 players from a 250 million budget. See our picks below.


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Dictate the Game’s Squad


Screenshot 2017-01-17 19.31.29.png


Paddy’s 11 Squad

Screenshot 2017-01-17 19.36.01.png

Paddy’s 11’s squad consisted of mostly Americans outside of the MLS, but did include MLS players including Clint Dempsey and DaMarcus Beasley. Notable players include Christian Pulisic (Dortmund), Brad Guzan (Middlesbrough) and DeAndre Yedlin (Newcastle). They played a 3-5-2 formation.



Going into the game, Paddy’s 11 were the favourites to win the game, but only just, according to skysports.com


This is how both teams lined up. Dictate the Game lined up in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation with S. Clark, P. Johnasson, M. Edu, T. Ream, G. Cameron, J. Torres, M. Diskerud, J. Jones, S. Kljestan, J. Morris and J. Altidore.

Paddy’s 11 lined up in a 5-2-3 formation with B. Guzan, C. Carter-Vickers, J. Brooks, M. Besler, D. Bearsley, D. Yedlin, M. Bradley, A. Morales, G. Zusi, C. Pulisic and A. Jóhannsson.


This is what I did for opposition instructions, having everyone from wingback to strikers, marked always, closed down always, hard tackling, and anyone in midfield onwards to be shown on to their weaker foot.


This is my team talk that I did before the game, it didn’t go quite how I hoped it would go, and as you can see, it didn’t really lift the players.


I lost the game 1-0 in the end, to a very poor goal conceded in the 21st minute, something my defence need to do better in, and Steve Clark should have saved all day long. In all honestly, and Patrick will agree with me here, the game was a very poor game, and we saw basically no highlights in the whole game. Congrats to Patrick for his win, looking for to a potential rematch in the future.


This is the team talk I gave my team after the poor performance. It simply wasnt good enough by the team.

Congrats to Patrick Cousins on his victory over me. Think you can beat me? Are you a FM Content Creator? If so, DM us on our Twitter at @DictateTheGame to arrange a draft.


To see Patrick’s video of our draft, click here

To visit Patrick’s YouTube channel, click here


7 thoughts on “Draft Mode #1 – AMERICANS ONLY – VS PATRICK COUSINS 

  1. patrick cousins (@Paddy_Cousins7) says:

    Yes, certainly wasn’t the best game of FM I’ve ever had but thoroughly enjoyable none the less.
    I thought though this was a really well written write up of the match! I look forward to following your blog as this series goes on.
    Once again thanks for the game and I’m definitely down for a rematch at some point!


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