The Inter-House Football Cup #3: Matches 3 and 4

Welcome back to the 3rd part of The Inter House Football Cup, and in today’s installment, we look at the 3rd and 4th matches of the season. Will we see a title contender arise today?


Gryffindor gained 4 points from 6 in the first two and will be looking to achieve that or even better that today. They started off with an away game to Hufflepuff, where they managed to scrape a 1-1 draw as Cormac McLaggen scored in the 85th minute after Juan Llaves scored a penalty to put The Badgers one-nil up in the 10th minute. A point gained for The Lions, but how much will this effect their title chances?

gryffindor 1 hufflepuff 1.png

It was back to back away games for The Lions as they played Ravenclaw, who they beat 1-0 on the opening day on the season, but today Ravenclaw beat them by 2 goals to nil, as Shelby Printemps got both goals, with one in the first half and one in the second. Is the title fight over for Gryffindor? Should they focus on getting that Europa League spot?

Ravenclaw 2 Gryffindor 0.png


Slytherin had an awful start to The Inter-House Football Cup, as they gained just one point from a possible six. It didn’t start well for The Snakes either, as they lost their 3rd match of the season to title favourites, Ravenclaw by 3 goals to 1, with Slytherin’s goal coming from Albus Potter in the 41st minute. Slytherin managed just one shot on target the whole game. Something needs to change, and quick. Slytherin 1 3 Ravenclaw.png

Slytherin were still looking for their first win of the season and it didn’t come against Hufflepuff as The Badgers won the contest 1-0, as a penalty scored by Juan Llaves in the 33rd minute gave them the win. 4 games into the Inter House Football Cup, and still no win for The Snakes. Slytherin 0 Hufflepuff 1.png


Hufflepuff played Gryffindor in their 3rd match of the season, as the game ended 1-all. A penalty from Juan Llaves in the 10th minute gave them the lead before Gryffindor equalised in the 85th minute through a goal by Cormac McLaggen. Can The Badgers push on for that Europa League spot?


Hufflepuff played a struggling Slytherin next, who are still looking for their first win of the season, but it was The Badgers who came out on top in this match-up as another penalty from Juan Llaves in the 33rd minute won the game for Hufflepuff. The Badgers could really challenge Gryffindor for that Europa League spot.



Ravenclaw played winless Slytherin in their next game, and came out on top by 3 goals to 1. Goals by John-Paul Durate (2) and Brad Power won the game for Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw are looking real favourites to be Champions now.


Ravenclaw then played Gryffindor in their 4th game of the season. Ravenclaw wanted revenge for losing the first game 1-0, and they got that by winning by two goals to nil. Shelby Printemps got both goals for Ravenclaw, as they continued to show why they are the hotly tipped favourites to win the league

ravenclaw-2-gryffindor-0Thank you for reading Part 3 of The Inter-House Football Cup. Part 4 will be up soon.


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