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Mason Bradshaw | Mega Project | #9

So big news has emerged; Mason Bradshaw has recently been appointed Ards Manager in the Northern Irish Divisions! Find out more in todays article covering the new role.



Hello and welcome to SportsWatch! Our focus today is the new Ards manager, Mason Breadshaw. We took the time to wander around the streets of Newtownards to ask the fans of Ards what they thought of the appointment of the young manager at their club. Here is what they had said:

Reporter: So, no doubt you’ve heard of the appointment of Mason Bradshaw as the new Ards manager. What are your thoughts on this?

Fan: Well, I don’t know much about him, but I’m always hopeful in Football. I hope he can turn Dixon Park into a fortress and win cups for us, because it’d be a huge leap forward for the club of he can.

Reporter: What do you think of his role at Stirling Albion?

Fan: He got fired, didn’t he? To be honest, I looked at the results. They weren’t that bad! He didn’t do great at first but when he picked up, he even went on a good streak of victories and draws. I don’t think it was a good decision fro, Stirling to fire him, but since Ards picked him up, it turned out good for us!

65% of Ards fans have said they were happy with the decision to take on Bradshaw, whereas 10% said they weren’t happy and 25% said they were neutral.

What are your thoughts? Contact us at to leave your comments!


Ards have been disappointing in this years Dankse Bank Premiership, sitting rock bottom and 4 points off of the team above. A real lack of goals scored by the team too, so Mason Bradshaw will need to improve the teams scoring habits and hopefully keep it tight at the back too. We’ve highlighted 3 players that Bradshaw needs to get firing again, because if these 3 start playing as they can then the Ards will have no problems whatsoever.

Emmet Friars_ Overview Attributes.png
Emmet Friars, 31 year old rock at the back
David Beck_ Overview Attributes.png
David Beck, a promising youngster.
Joe McKinney_ Overview Attributes.png
Joe McKinney, attacking midfielder


Mason rang me up again – much sooner than I hoped – he told he had got a new job as the Ards manager in Ireland, and asked me to look for a place to call home. Again, due to sackings in football and his sacking at Stirling, we decided that we would only be renting in Ireland.

It was much harder to find a property for Mason to move into for the Ireland move than it was for when he moved up to Scotland. Why this was – I still don’t know.

After a few days of searching, I managed to find three properties for Mason which you can see below.

I recommend the property at 1 Market Court, becuase it is a nice property at a reasonable (£395 pcm). It has a fully working kitchen, an en-suite, and a personal parking place.

The property is also only a 12 minute drive away from the Ards stadium, where they also train.


Mega Project is a unique Football Manager experience. Mega Project features Mason Bradshaw, a rookie manager who never played professionally, who attempts to climb the football leader from the first job to becoming a world class manager. This is something that’s never been done before as we look from all angles, from Mason Bradshaw himself, the clubs, his family and friends, colleagues, the world of football and more.

Written by Luke Hume

Luke is the Assistant Manager at Dictate The Game, and he has been a trusted part of the team since joining in August 2016.

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