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Mason Bradshaw | Mega Project | #8

Welcome back to another Mega Project. Sadly this isn’t a great update for young Mason, as Mega Project takes an unexpected turn…


The conference room where Mason was given the boot

Hi Mason, sorry we had to bring you in today.

Mason: No problem. I hope you’ve got an update about a potential senior affiliate, I really think it would be beneficial at this stage of the season. We are currently finding some form and giving the fans something to cheer about.

We are sorry.

Not a problem. However we will need reinforcements to make the final push to turn things around.

Look, Mason, we have brought you in tonight because we no longer think you are the right man to lead Stirling Albion.

Mason interrupts what the board of directors are saying. He doesn’t look best pleased.

You are joking, right?

No, we are incredibly sorry that this fairy tale hasn’t worked out for you and for us. We are eyeing up suitable replacements, we feel the direction you’re taking the club isn’t the way we want it to be.

I understand the start was awful, but given my lack of experience and willingness to try new things, I thought we would achieve great things.

We felt this is best for all involved. We wish you the best of luck with your future and hope to see you return to management soon.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Mason then left the meeting, got the squad together and thanked them for trying their best. Some of the players didn’t look at all interested, had the players spoke to the chairman about Mason?


It was around 5:50pm just after the full time whistle when Stirling announced via their Twitter feed that Mason Bradshaw had been relieved of his duties. It came as a shock to Simon Andrew, a Stirling super fan, who took to the forum to give his views on the Bradshaw sacking.

What?! They’ve sacked Bradshaw?

I am really surprised that the board have decided to sack Mason. Personally, I thought Mason had started to pick it up, winning more games, and getting us just a few points off 9th position, but I guess even after all these games, we are still rock-bottom, and if the club fell out of the SPFL pyramid, it would hurt the club financially. Was this a panic decision?

A few weeks ago, I was calling for his head in my seat after the full-time whistle of pretty much every game we lost, but we’ve really started to get a good few wins in the last few games, and credible draws against some of the teams in the chase for promotion.

I guess, we won’t know whether it was the right or wrong decision until come the end of the season.

Best of luck Mason for the future, farewell.


Stirling 2-1
MATCH REPORT: Stirling Albion 2-1 Annan

The game became very tense and exciting as Stirling took the victory against Annan. Stirling took an early lead when a penalty was given and Sean Dickson converted it well! Stirling then doubled their lead when Eddie Ferns scored a point blank goal, and left Annan to do a lot of work. However, Annan managed to pull one back near the end but it wasn’t enough for them to win the game. Stirling took the victory! 3 points!

MATCH REPORT: Montrose 2-2 Stirling Albion
Stirling 2-2

A very exciting game to behold, as the league leaders failed to win against last placed, Stirling Albion. Montrose got off to a good start as they took the lead from a corner. However, Stirling equalised through a beautiful Harvey free kick, which deflected off the wall and in. Montrose then took the lead again after the second half with a headed goal which came from a cross after a free kick. In the dying embers of the game, a penalty was won for Stirling, which was converted by Martyn Fotheringham. A good game from Stirling, and more points on the board against the top club.

MATCH REPORT: Stirling Albion 0-0 Cowdenbeath
Stirling 0-0

A boring match resulted in a boring result when Stirling Albion played against the then league leaders. Cowdenbeath are in a very tense battle for the first place spot, but Stirling made a dent in their title race by making them lose points. However, for Stirling, it turned out to be a good result.

MATCH REPORT: Stirling 2-3 Clyde
Stirling 2-3

A lot of goals were scored in a home game against Clyde as the first game of the year for Stirling made its mark. Stirling got off to a great start when Fotheringham made it 1-0 with a good strike. However, Clyde quickly pulled out all the stocks, and in the late 2nd half were 3-1 up. Isaac Layne pulled one back to put a little hope into the Stirling fans minds and made it 3-2, but alas it was too late, and Clyde got a well deserved victory and 3 points for their own title race.

Mega Project is a unique Football Manager experience. Mega Project features Mason Bradshaw, a rookie manager who never played professionally, who attempts to climb the football leader from the first job to becoming a world class manager. This is something that’s never been done before as we look from all angles, from Mason Bradshaw himself, the clubs, his family and friends, colleagues, the world of football and more.

Written by Luke Hume

Luke is the Assistant Manager at Dictate The Game, and he has been a trusted part of the team since joining in August 2016.

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