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Mason Bradshaw | Mega Project | #7

We’re back with another release of Mega Project with Mason Bradshaw. This time we hear from other managers in Scotland, an interview with Mason’s pare’nts on Scottish Football Weekly, superfan Simon Andrews gives his views on Mason and Stirling so far this season and finally an update from the man himself, Mason speaks to

You can see above the results from the first six games. Super fan, Simon Andrews, has his say below…


I for one am very disappointed in Mason and the squad he’s brought together so far. Firstly, for a team of our standard to be rock bottom is disgusting. Granted in the last game against Forfar we managed to pick up a win, which was crucial.

The start of the season has been pathetic, and as a season ticket who follows the club up and down the country it has been very hard to see. However, there are a few positives to take from what I have seen. In the last four games, we have only lost one game, against a very strong Clyde team. A win against Tynecastle was good to see, but we didn’t play very well and this mentality needs to change. I am however delighted to get a win and a draw in the league. There is some fight in the team after all.


It’s been interesting in terms of who Mason has brought in, at the beginning of the season there was only three new signings to a team which lacked a lot of squad depth. Mason Bradshaw has finally brought in some extra players (we needed them). Firstly with Michael McGowan, we lacked a real quality winger apart from our loanee and he’s been brilliant . It’s a shame he has been shafted to the left wing because we can’t accommodate for him on the right.

Martyn Fotheringham is someone who has played for Forfar for nearly ten years. He was released and Mason decided to give him a go. He’s not a bad player, it’s just a shame his physical attributes let him down. Mark Walters was the goalkeeper we brought in, old but seems pretty good. He has conceded 9 in four games (our defence has been woeful so that’s not bad considering we lost 6-0 a few weeks back). Finally Paul Harvey, someone I’ve never heard of and was shocked when we announced him. He’s played two games, scoring one, assisting one and winning player of the match. If he continues, he might be the missing piece in our strike force.

Now, with regards to Mason – I can’t make my mind up. He started of as this “MR Nice Guy” but he’s changed massively. Even in his press conferences you can see the anger when the team don’t play well. Do I think he’s out of his depth? Yes. Do I think he’s the right man for the job? No. Will I stand by him, absolutely. In the last three games I’ve seen a new belief in the team. It’s starting to show with the results on the pitch. At the moment it’s too soon to say whether or not I think we will get relegated. I am intrigued how long Mason can stay with us.

Stirling fans [Image:]


In a recent series of interviews with managers in the Scottish leagues, we’ve looked at how people have got into management, and how with some managers we talked about the uprising of Mason Bradshaw

Jim Wier – Elgin City FC Manager

“The lad had a very shaky start to football management, but I think he’s starting to find his feet. The team have definitely improved since the start of the season which is good to see. Nobody wants to see a team to do that badly in a league. Very annoyed they knocked us out of the cup as well!”

“In all honestly (Mason) is a really nice guy in football, he’s done a lot behind the scenes which is why the press has been surprised by his arrival. I was surprised to see him in Scotland due to him being English and living nearer to some similar teams, but I’m glad to have him in the league. When he becomes a top class manager I’ll be able to tell my kids I’m doing interviews when I was better than him!”

Jim Chapman – Clyde FC Manager

“It’s always hard to come into management, especially at such a young age. My first job was Kilmarnock Ladies, and then Albion Rovers. The ladies were a great team and I was lucky to manage them, but Rovers made me work for my keep, probably because I played for them. I think that’s what (Bradshaw) will have to do here. It’s not an easy league, especially for a new comer. I wish him all the best of luck for the rest of the season and then into the future.”

Brendan Rogers – Celtic Manager

“I heard about the appointment and was rather shocked, he’s less than 25 and he’s managing!? Normally kids want to play football before they decide to manage so it’s strange to see such a young manager in town. I’m delighted (Stirling) have gone with him. We need younger, home-grown managers coming through and all fans can be happy when this sort of thing happens. If you look over to England you see people like Eddie Howe, Lee Johnson and even Rossi Eames who’s just been appointed at a young age. A lot of the focus is bringing through young footballers, but it’s nice to see us change it up a bit.


Presenter: “Hello, and welcome to Scottish League Weekly. Today I’m here with Mason Bradshaw’s parents, Tom and Angela Bradshaw, who I daresay are very proud to see their son managing a side in the Scottish League 2. Welcome, to you both. First of all, I’d like to ask how do you feel your son is doing as manager of Stirling Albion?”

Angela: “Well, being massive Football fans in the Bradshaw family, we can certainly tell you that he could be doing better. I speak to my little Masy every day on the phone and he’s been explaining to me the pressure of the job. As we’ve seen, he’s not been doing great, conceding goal after goal and loss after loss. Recently, however, after a change of tactics he’s seemed to have changed things around, hasn’t he dear?”

Tom: “Yeah, in his last 4 games he’s won two, lost one, drawn one. Good results so far and I really hope that Stirling can continue the run of form going. The hard thing for Mason is that he’s working with such a tight budget, as he’s told us, and can’t add any depth or better quality into his team. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble if I say that… You can cut some stuff out, can’t you?”


Presenter: “I agree the results could be better but he’s not doing too bad for a first time manager, and being so young and managing a club on your own isn’t the easiest thing in the world. What do you think of the tactical side of Mason’s managing?”

Angela: “It’s been said before but he has a tight budget, and no real wiggle room. Not like those pyjamas I got him for Christmas, haha.”

Tom: “His tactics are solid and he’s a good coach. He can drill those into his lads easily, who are all well disciplined. He’s tried a few different things with his tactics but I think with his most recent one he’s hit home. It works rather well in my opinion!”

Presenter: “Thank you for your time, Angela and Tom. We really do appreciate you coming in for this. Unfortunately that’s all we have time for today. Come back next time for more info!”


Hi guys, it’s Mason Bradshaw here. It’s been over a month since I last wrote for, and I thought I would make this a regular thing so from now on, there will be an update from me every month. Since I last wrote, we’ve gone on a mixed run of form, I’d say with a record of 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats, including a win in the Cup.

However, before the Cup game, we had two games against Elgin City and Cowdenbeath, and I got a call from an old colleague of mine, Andrew Smith, wishing me luck and I told him I wanted 3 points of those two games, and I’m disappointed that we only managed to get a point, but it was our first point of the season, although, I am not happy with the team’s performance against Cowdenbeath, it was a poor performance, and to lose 5-1 really hurt the team, myself and of course, you, our great fans who sing their hearts out every game – so thank you.

Cup Win

It was great to win in the second round of the Cup, but I agree with your views that for a team with our stature, we should be winning the game by more than a single goal, but we are into the 3rd Round of the Cup against Elgin, see you there? After the cup game, we played Clyde, who are a very good side, and I’m not surprised to see them up there challenging for the top positions, and I thought we played well, but ultimately deserved to lose the game. Then it happened. The game we’d all been waiting for. A first win. A goal from new signing Paul Harvey and Blair Henderson got us our first win, which we shouldn’t have to wait until early November to get, but nevertheless, hopefully we can now pick it up, and get us out of this relegation zone.
Keep supporting us, keep signing your heart out, and we will continue to improve.

Thanks for you support,

Mason Bradshaw


Mega Project is a unique Football Manager experience. Mega Project features Mason Bradshaw, a rookie manager who never played professionally, who attempts to climb the football leader from the first job to becoming a world class manager. This is something that’s never been done before as we look from all angles, from Mason Bradshaw himself, the clubs, his family and friends, colleagues, the world of football and more.

Written by Luke Hume

Luke is the Assistant Manager at Dictate The Game, and he has been a trusted part of the team since joining in August 2016.


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