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Mason Bradshaw | Mega Project | #4

Welcome back to Mega Project.

Arriving in Edinburgh, I stood in awe at the Scottish capital. I had never been to Scotland before, despite living only hours away. Financial struggles saw to that. But now, as I made my way to the Stirling football ground, I realised how far I had come from my simple lifestyle. A ball of stress mounted its way and knotted my stomach, as I walked through the gates of Stirling.

The facilities were rather small, but good enough for the semi professional club. The grass on the pitch was freshly cut, filling my nose with the smell that reminded me of home, when my father used to cut the grass on a warm summer afternoon. I used to play Football in the garden with my friends as a kid. Those distant memories now seemed a lifetime ago as I walked toward the main building of the facility, readying myself for my first interview as a professional manager. Or, rather, semi professional.

I walked in and went up to the main desk where a secretary who was filing her nails whilst on the phone was sitting. The cluttered desk was an eyesore. Medication, random knick knacks, food wrappers and more junk lay around, and the blonde, middle aged woman, sitting on her swirly chair, didn’t seem to care. I made my way to her, ready to introduce myself.

Introducing myself…

“Hi, I’m Mason Bradshaw, I’m -…” I started, before being interrupted by her long, bony finger which stood up at me like a guard dog. After saying “Yeah” a few times, all in different tones, I decided to clear my throat at her. She stared at me with a cold look before expressing her apologies to whoever she was on the phone too and hung up. She gave me a cold, defensive smile. Obviously a well rehearsed mask.

“Can I help you?” she said.

“Yes. I’m the new Stirling manager, Mason Bradshaw.” I said with pride.

“Who?” she said after a pause.

“This is my first day here. I’m the manager.” I said, looking at her clueless face. “I’m looking for Stuart Brown.”

“Go right into the hallway and it’s the first on the left.” she said, picking up the phone swiftly.

“Thank you.” I said sarcastically.

I moved away from the sound of her clicking voice. She obviously was underpaid and bored. I made my way to the first on the left, as she said, and knocked before opening the door. An almost bald man with a jolly face turned around and greeted me with glee.

“Ah! Mason! Welcome, welcome.” he said, turning away from a middle aged man, who had sweat pouring from his forehead. “This is Ross McMillan, the Stirling Albion captain.” I nodded my head at him in greeting.

“Ah yes. Margaret. Never mind her. You’re here for a very important reason, Mason! You’re now the Stirling manager! Congratulations. Now before we get down to you running the club, I’m assuming you have questions for me?” I nodded my head after Stuart’s question. “Good. I do too. Please, have a seat.” I sat down at his proposal.

“I received a phone call, actually, from Andrew Smith. As soon as the news came out, he called me about getting a job here. I didn’t really know what to tell him at the time, to be honest, because I had no clue on your opinions on it.”

Meeting the Estate Agent

Mason has gave me a budget on how much he wishes to spend on a property. I have attached an image (as seen above) on four very ideal properties in similar value, all to rent of course.

When Mason told me he’d just been appointed Stirling Albion manager I laughed. At first I thought he was on the wind-up, but then when he shown me I was pleasantly surprised. Mason asked for a place where he could call Home, but with the amount of sackings in Football these days I insisted we looked at places to rent rather than purchase.

My personal favourite is the two bedroom flat (bottom left), the living room looked great and the property is furnished so Mason won’t have to spend even more on the property. I have even created this for him, a map showing the property’s distance from the training ground.

Ten minutes via car is not much at all (2.9 miles), also, a 50 Minute walk (2.5 miles).

Andrew Smith reveals all

Last time we heard from Andrew Smith, a retired coach at Tranmere, Mason Bradshaw shocked the world by announcing he was becoming a football manager, and just as Mason announced that he got the job at Stirling in Scotland, Andrew has popped into our office to speak to us again.

We asked him if he was surprised if Mason got a job this quickly, he said “I am quite surprised, but at the same time I’m not, Mason is a young manager, with ambition and can be a good manager in my eyes”. We asked him if Mason had been in touch recently, “actually in fact, he rang me last night, just after he signed the contract, and I congratulated him on it, as he’s done very well to start climbing the ladder this early” continuing, he said “He said that Stirling gave him a few days to come back down here to get his belongings and sort out his living arrangements up in Scotland and he also told me he’s talking to one of the best estate agents up there.”

Could Andrew could be persuaded out of retirement by his mate Mason, we enquired whether Andrew could become a coach, but Andrew didn’t confirm nor deny, saying, “Me and Mason have spoken, and we’ll see where it goes, there’s a lot of things to think about before I come out of retirement and move to Scotland, let’s wait and see, shall we?”

Interview with his parents

Interviewer: I’m here with the parents of Mason Bradshaw, the man who shocked the country with his announcement to become a Football Manager; Angela and Tom. He has taken the Stirling Albion job. What are your thoughts on that?

Angela: I personally think it’s a good move for his career, we’ve always wanted the best for both our children.

Interviewer: Are you unhappy with his choice of club?
Angela: No, I’m not really a football person myself, but also I say no because it wasn’t my choice to make. If he is happy with the move, then I am happy for him. He needs to feel that he has made the right choice.

Interviewer: Where do you see his career going from here?

Tom: I couldn’t tell you, there’s several avenues, he could call it a day after just one failed job, he might not, you’re never able to tell in these kind of situations.

Interviewer:Well thank you both for joining myself today to give your thoughts on your son Mason’s appointment at Stirling Albion.

Mega Project is a unique Football Manager experience. Mega Project features Mason Bradshaw, a rookie manager who never played professionally, who attempts to climb the football leader from the first job to becoming a world class manager. This is something that’s never been done before as we look from all angles, from Mason himself, the clubs, his family and friends, colleagues, the world of football and more.

Written by Luke Hume

Luke is the Assistant Manager at Dictate The Game, and he has been a trusted part of the team since joining in August 2016.

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