The Inter-House Football Cup #2 – The First Two Games

Welcome back to The Inter-House Football Cup. For people who are new to this save, check out Part 1 here. The Inter-House Football Cup is a FM save based on the Harry Potter series, featuring the four houses from Hogwarts as each house tries to win the first ever Inter House Football Cup and qualify for the Champions League. Today, in part 2, we are going to look at each houses’ first two games. Could we see an early favourite for the title?


Gryffindor got off to a good start this season, by not losing either of their first two games. They started their campaign with a 1-0 win over Ravenclaw, with Alicia Spinnet getting the games’ only goal in the 8th minute of play. The 1-0 scoreline was enough to get the win for Gryffindor. gryffindor-1-0-ravenclaw

Gryffindor played their next match against fierce rivals, Slytherin, and the game was watched by over 1,000 people with 831 away fans coming to support Gryffindor. However, the large number of fans only saw a draw, as the match finished 1 a piece. George Weasley broke the deadlock for Gryffindor in the 41st minute, as Gryffindor took a 1-nil lead into the second half. However, in the 54th minute, Vincent Crabbe got the equaliser for Slytherin, and that is how the match finished.


Overall, not a bad start for The Lions, 4 points out of a possible 6, are they title favourites?


Slytherin started their season with a game against Hufflepuff, and thanks to an early goal by Junajo, they lost the game 1-0. The Snakes didn’t register a single shot on target in this game, and only had 3 shots all together, compared to Hufflepuff’s 11 shots.

Hufflepuff 1 Slytherin 0.png

Slytherin played fierce rivals, Gryffindor, next, and there was big support to see the derby. The Snakes went 1-0 down in the first half as George Weasley scored in the 41st minute. Work was needed to prevent the club from getting no points from a possible 6 from the first two games, and Vincent Crabbe scored the equaliser on the 54th minute.

Slytherin 1 all version.png

A poor start from Slytherin, gaining just one point from a possible six. Could this house struggle to get a win all season?


Hufflepuff started their season at home against Slytherin, and managed to get a 1-0 win over The Snakes, but the scoreline is disappoining, with The Badgers managing 11 shots but scoring just one. But in all honesty, since Hufflepuff scored the goal to go one-nil up, the game was never in doubt, as Slytherin failed to register a shot on target all afternoon.


Hufflepuff continued their season with an away game to Ravenclaw, who are hotly predicted to win the league according to the media and numerous betting companies, and they lost the game 2-0, as two early goals by John-Paul Durate in the 2nd minute and Shelby Printemps in the 3rd minute won the game for The Claws.

Hufflepuff 2 0 Ravenclaw.png

A mixed start for The Badgers, perhaps lacking a bit of quality for the title, but can they push for 2nd place, and the Europa League spot?


Ravenclaw started their season, as hotly tipped favourites for the title, with a game against Gryffindor. The Lions came out on top as Alicia Spinnet scored the only goal of the game. The Claws were pegged back in this game and need to pick up 3 points in the next game.gryffindor-1-0-ravenclawThe Claws continued their season with an home game against Hufflepuff, who won their first game against Slytherin 1-0. The Claws got their first win as they won 2-0 with both goals coming in the 2nd and 3rd minute. The team showed the quality it has, and why it is hotly tipped to win The Inter-House Football Cup 2016.


The Claws have had a mixed start to the season, but can they really push on and challenge for that title?




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