Interview With Juan Jose Gallardo, Europa FC Manager

Not many people get the opportunity to say they manage a football club, especially in Gibralatar. As always we like to cover different aspects of the game from players to coaches and managers, so having this interview with Europa FC Manager, Juan Jose Gallardo is something we take great pride in.

Something extremely interesting about the league is there is only one stadium, that might be due to the fact there isn’t enough room to have anymore on the country which has a population of around 30,000.

Please note that English isn’t Juan’s first language, so if you don’t understand some of the responses we have tried to make it as readable as possible.


What is it like managing a team where the budget is more limited in the league compared to other leagues and clubs in Europe?

The League premier in Gibraltar is acquiring a level more than acceptable since makes 4 years this Federation entered in UEFA, and makes little in FIFA. Levels rise to very large steps, and reinforcing the teams more every year. When you go to compete in competitions of champions Europe or Europe league everything is different, and possibly you can appreciate the reality of soccer, competing with teams that multiply our budget by 50. But definitely, with great enthusiasm, work and using our weapons, the Gibraltarian football is doing a gap in elite soccer.

In your opinion, what is the hardest task about managing a club?

Both coach and sports director of a club is not more than a manager of human resources. for this reason, the task more complicated is looking for a group of people who share your ideas, then take them out is much more simple.

What’s your greatest achievement in your managerial career so far?

I’m young, I played in Segunda División B of Spanish football, but I had to leave early due to injury. Then I prepare, study for 3 years, to remove the title national coach UEFA PRO, and several courses and master. Work for several clubs in second and second B Spanish as scouting, and sporty handling of several major clubs from quarry. Currently, as general manager, sporting director and coach premiere of Europe FC, the first year, fell in Europe with a historically as SLOVAN BRATISLAVA, where last year went sub Champions League and Cup, and where participated in Europa League, passing the first round against the PYUNICK of Armenian and falling in the second round against the Swedish AIK SOLNA , by the minimum difference. This year, won the Supercopa of Gibraltar, and are leaders in solitary with 15 points over 15 in the League.

What sort of things do you do on a day to day basis as a football manager?

Sharing the tasks of sports director at a club with 15 teams, and the premier team coach I have little free time. I like to visit training and some equipment of quarry parties when I have time. And as coach, prepare them training together with prepare physical and second coach, and coordinate them equipment medical, recovery of injured, as well as a try to direct with the team of scouting.

Press Conference, Juan (left of the photo)

What’s it like managing in a league where everyone plays at one stadium throughout the country?

Is somewhat atypical, a curious anecdote, but must adapt to what is there. Gibraltar is a country with many potential economic, but with very little space.

What are your aims for this season with Europa FC after a very good start with them?

My goal, think premiere of Gibraltar is on the rest of coaches who compete in the League. First of all make a good game, asegurarno plaza in Europe this year as the rest and after there fight for champion League and UEFA champions league contest.

In the role of a sporting director, what do you generally do?

As said previously we have of a great group of work, where each one is dedicated to its plot. At lower levels, we have 1 Coordinator of football formative(Steven Fortunato), and a coordinator of football competitive(Daniel Izquierdo). so tend to distribute us the work with the rest of assistants and coaches, so all comes out well. Without them, all this would be impossible.


Juan watches on from the sidelines.

How did you feel playing against one of Sweden’s best teams, in Allmänna Idrottsklubben (AIK) ?

Played in the stadium friend arenas, against the Swedish AIK was a dream for all players, coaching staff and directors. In a beautiful Stadium with a rival that infinitely multiplied our budget. Even so, there we defeated in minute 89 1 – 0, and return here we got the same result. very happy with the work of everyone and proud to be part of them.

After a very respectable 1-0 loss both home and away to AIK, does this show how much Gibraltar is improving as a football nation?

As said previously the football in Gibraltar grows day after day, is a football with many possibilities, and am sure is anger watching the improvement year after year.

Being top of the league must be great! How does it feel especially after beating Lincoln Red Imps 1-0 in your last game?

No one won you 2 consecutive games, and us this year we have succeeded in first confrontation in League and Supercup. cycles end, and we hope that this is the end of your cycle and the beginning of our. We work very hard to do this, from the Board of Directors up to the team pre-liga, all coaches, assistants, players, everyone one to achieve the same goal, and it is that EUROPA FC, is the best club in Gibraltar and gradually a benchmark in Europe.


Squad photo, impressive.

At Dictate The Game, we can tell Gibraltarian football is certainly on the rise. Especially over the last few years since they became a member of UEFA in 2013 since then, the quality of players and coaching has and still is improving year on year.
Everyone at Dictate The Game are immensely grateful for getting not only an insight to Gibraltarian football, but to what it is like being a real football manager. We also very much appreciate the fact that Juan’s first language isn’t English, so for him to put the time and effort into this means a great deal to us.
We would all like to wish Juan and Europa FC a fantastic season and to continue their amazing form this season!
Read how Juan won October’s manager of the month here.

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