The English Football structure needs restructuring!

The English Football structure needs a restructure. It’s as simple as that. Why?
This year, the EFL decided that adding B teams to the Checkatrade Trophy (formerly the JPT) would improve the competition – when in fact – all it has done is caused a mass fan boycott of the competition, with most games not getting more than 700 people. For example, Fleetwood just got 392 attend their 1-0 win over Blackburn Academy, normally getting around 2,500. That means that more than 2,000 people boycotted the game to make their feelings known on the matter. I applaud these fans for showing the EFL what they think, and here are my reasons why the English Football Structure needs restructuring.

Walking out in almost empty stands at the Valley

This proves that the English Football structure needs a complete restructure from the Premier League right down to non league. First of all, the gap between the Premier League and the Championship is getting ever bigger, with the Premier League getting a multi-billion TV deal recently, which is a lot more than the Football League TV deal. Not to forget, teams that fail in the top flight also gets given tons of money when coming down. How does this create a level playing field. It doesn’t. How can a club like Ipswich who have been in the Championship for 15 seasons compare with a club like Aston Villa who just came down and have been given millions by the Premier League. They can’t. Newcastle spent over 50million in the summer compared to Ipswich who spent just over one million. A difference of 49 million pounds. Level playing ground? I don’t think so.

Gayle was one of many signings by Newcastle who spent over 50mil

Webster cost Ipswich just 700k.

Grant Ward and Adam Webster cost a combined 1 million

Secondly, the league structure needs changing in my eyes, especially in lower leagues. Surely, any club mathematically should be able to gain promotion to the top, so in theory, Halstead Town FC (Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties Division One) should be able to get promoted to the Premier League if they keep getting promoted, right? No. The lower league structure is a nightmare. In Halstead’s League, three teams get promoted, the top 3 which is fair enough, however if they get promoted to the Eastern Counties Premier Division and finish 1st, they aren’t guaranteed to move up a step. How? In this league, teams who finish between certain positions apply for promotion, and in the 2014-15 no one was promoted! It would be so much easier if this was scrapped and the first team just got promoted.  This would also make it easier for more teams like Salford City to rise up the English leagues and let more fans dream of seeing their local team playing in the Football League. There is support in the non league, just not enough money invested to improve the level of football. coggeshall Town joined the Eastern Counties Division One this season, and have a weekly wage budget of over a £1,000 compared to Halstead who don’t pay wages. How can teams compete? Halstead have a good support, averaging 150 people every game, the highest this season being 201 on the opening day of the season, a good team, but can’t compete with teams playing silly money.

Halstead Town (pictured: the stand at Milbank stadium) do not pay wages

There is no direct promotion from the Premier Division to step 4

coggeshall (which has Olly Murs in the team) have a weekly budget of over £1,000 apparently


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