Paul Loe’s first steps into Football Management


I think these three tweets sum up Pauls start to life in Football Management.

I’ve really enjoyed this save so far! Paul’s management has been nothing short of superb. Granted his assistant manager has done quite a lot of the work so far, but Pauls done a very good job.

One of the best things about Salford are the youth players, I added players to playable teams and was gifted with one the best players I’ve seen in the lower leagues


I feel that Keith Hooper could become one of our best players, at the tender age of 17 I need to make sure he doesn’t drink too much and get caught up with a girlfriend. I think he could be a quality player up until League 2/League 1 and could become a legend at the club!

Paul Loe also left his assistant manager in charge of handling contracts for free players (except Baillie because we need to sign him!) I’m happy with my transfers, there is enough depth and enough competition without players getting unhappy.


In our first derby of the season we managed to win against FC United of Manchester, the game was very close but Paul Loe and the gang managed to grab a victory in the 82nd minute.



I think you’d be amazed at the next two images:


Those are my results for this half of the year.

The first quarter of the season we were literally unstoppable. Didn’t lose a game in my first 14 games and went 8 games without conceding. The second half wasn’t as good, we didn’t score in 3 games in a row, got knocked out of the FA Cup and lost enough points to turn the league into a two horse race.


Will Salford choke and lose the title after being nearly 20 points clear? Will this years youth intake give us any gems for the rest of the season and beyond?



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