The rise and fall of Lord Paul Loe


The man, the myth the legend.

Paul Loe has been turning heads faster than that internet meme everybody is talking about. With 10 competition wins in 3 seasons at the club. He became a sensation for the footballing world. However Pauls career suddenly took a turn for the better.


His dad was the England Manager, and a few months later he was surprisingly called up to the England squad. At the tender age of 20 with no appearances for the national youth side, the England manager must CLEARLY see something that everybody else can’t.


So Paul made his debut in a comfortable 3-1 victory over Portugal. In all honesty Pauls playing career has become fairly repetitive. With FM17 now out and playable the career has trailed off. So therefore in a bid to revitalise the situation, Paul took a turn for the worst: breaking-bad-lol

Paul Loe was found making illegal drugs with a former chemistry teacher at his school in Manchester. The footballer told officers that he ‘apparently recreating a scene from breaking bad’ but was sentenced to 3 years in Jail.

As a result Paul spent a lot of time thinking about what to do with his life, both in terms of football and his personality. After 2 years of his sentences he was released on good behaviour/bribery and immediately hung up his boots. He also openly admitted to an interest in Football Management and would look to take up any management posts that seemed interesting. Also because Paul has a fear of growing up, he wanted to work close to Manchester so that he could still live with his father.

So in September of 2016 (Because time travel is now a thing in 2020) Paul Loe was offered a senior role at Salford city. With an aim to overtake his father in the management world, he has some very big shoes to fill with almost no pressure on him whatsoever.


Exactly Ollie, exactly.


As a quick side note I’d like to thank you all for reading this post! I was thinking for a while how to convert from 2016 to 2017 and I’m happy with the result. For anybody who was interested in Paul’s final stats when I finished the game they are below:




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