Interview with Gary McIlwaire, Halstead Town player.

We speak to Halstead player, Gary McIlwaire. Who is Gary McIlwaire? Gary is a semi-pro footballer playing at Halstead Town, who currently play in the Eastern Counties Division One. He recently joined the club from West Bergholt, where he spent 14 years playing for them. He can play as a centre forward, a centre midfielder and even as a centreback. So far this season, he has played 6 times and scored twice in the Halstead shirt.

You made your Halstead debut on the 8th of October, how did it feel to make your debut for the club?

I was chuffed to make my debut for Halstead in such an important game.

How did you feel to make your debut and how did you thought it went?

i think my debut went well but more importantly the performance from the lads especially first half was different gear and great to be a part of.

You’ve only recently joined the club, what are your early impressions?

I can already can see this is a club with big ambitions and has a great feel around the place,  the support the club got Saturday was unreal.

What are you aiming to achieve this season?

To win promotion preferably by winning the league

How did you get signed up by Halstead?

I  was seeking a change from my previous club west Bergholt and I had previously played with and for Farvo (Mark Farthing, Halstead assistant manager) and once I spoke to him and the manager it was an easy decision.


Gary after scoring the equalizer against Kings Lynn (Photo: Danpuffpuff)

What is the best comeback match you have played in?

Border league cup final for west Bergholt against White Notley we were 2-0 down at half time and came back to win the trophy 3-2.

Who is your favourite ever manager in football?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Favourite club?

Manchester United

Favourite football ground you’ve ever been to?

Wembley Stadium

What is the best moment you’ve even see at football?

The Manchester United comeback in the Champions league final against Bayern Munich.


Gary scoring the 1st goal in a 7-0 win over Braintree Town (Photo: Danpuffpuff)

Do you feel that Halstead can get promoted this season and possibly build on the success next season?

from what I have seen already undoubtably yes the ability of the players and the team spirit and set up around the place gives us a very good chance of achieving big things this season.

What would you say is the best achievement in your football career?

My best achievement in my football career for me is winning the Essex premier cup with West Bergholt

What did you think of the fans doing your first game at the club?

The fans were great sat it was impressive to see so many supporting their local side it’s fantastic to play in front of the 12th man.

Have you got anything to say to the fans at Halstead?

Thanks for your support, it really is appreciated

Dictate the Game would like to thank Gary for answering our questions, and we wish him and Halstead the very best of luck in their quest to promotion this season.


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