Paul Loe: The Worst Player to Grace the Premier League

So as you may remember, Paul Loe my son had a great start to life at Manchester United, and over the summer it spent it as every player shouldn’t, publicly drunk and no idea of personal information. He attended Reading Festival 2018 and was spotted watching some old fella called Ed Sheeran.2

Anyway back to football, whilst Paul didn’t leave over the summer, Man Utd had a bit of a clean out of old players and brought in some quality replacements.  The likes of Juan Mata and Daley Blind left but were replaced with Paulo Dybala and some quality regen youngsters. This gave Man Utd a real edge to the league this year, and were made clear favourites.

Early in pre-season, Paul was given a more senior role as the manager experimented with some younger players. He even managed to score his first goal for the club from the spot against Motherwell in a friendly after just 3 minutes.3

After a quality pre-season, and wins against Liverpool and PSG, Man Utd even featured on BBC Sport with Paul as their poster boy. Man Utd were pipped for the best of the best; a Club world championship, as well as all the success from last year.


And the pundits were right, Man Utd made it to Christmas and were still unbeaten in the league, in fact the only loss was a 3-2 defeat to Liverpool in the Capital One Cup. On the 27th October, he scored his first professional goal for the club, in a 7-4 victory over Crystal Palace!5

At the yearly awards, Romelu Lukaku came 2nd in Player of the Year and Luke Shaw was named in the FIFA Tear of the Year. No place for Paul though, not yet. Then disaster struck:

6Heartbroken, I’d worked him too hard and he’d gone and broken his leg in training, out for the rest of the season! I just hoped he would be okay, so I sped through the season, hoping that I’d get him back sooner. We ended up with 5 trophies this year; the league title, FA Cup, Club World Championship, European Super Cup and FA Community Shield. No Champions League though, I lost to FC Porto 5-3 on Aggregate in the Semi Finals. But we will come back stronger!

Paul has recovered to start the next season, but his stats are definitely improving! I did a comparison and all his stats have gone up fairly well for an 18 year old!7

The green stats are the key stats for a Limited Full Back (Defend) and I think he could do alright if he carries on at this rate.

What do you think? Will Paul make it? Will he become riddled with injuries and turn into the next Jack Wilshere? Also this year is the European Championships, will I take an international job?


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