Interview with Will Seymore, Vancouver Whitecaps player.


We speak to Will Seymore, who plays for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Who is Will Seymore? Will is a professional footballer currently playing for Vancouver Whitecaps FC2 in the USL. His former teams includes Halstead Town FC, Soham Town Rangers, Oregon State Beavers and FC Dallas. He plays as a defender. This interview was done before the conclusion of the USL Play Offs.

You currently play for Whitecaps II in the USL, how did the season go?

Our season is going well we have an away playoff game against Swope park rangers on Saturday in the western conference finals we started off the season hot then dipped in form but I think were back to our best in the playoffs

Do you feel that the US soccer is growing with support from both America and outside the states? Could US soccer be popular worldwide one day?

most definitely soccer is growing in the states just in the last decade the mls has grown exponentially and I think it will only get bigger and better, and I think it could I know they show mls games in England now on tv!


Celebrating with the team

How do you see your career panning out? Would you like to play in the MLS or move abroad to someone where like England or elsewhere?

I think personally as a player I just want to reach the highest level I can whether that be mls or some where in England or Europe i would welcome for sure but I do like mls and the structure of the league and if it continues to grow it definitely would be a great place to see a career grow.

Where do you stand on the possibility of having promotion and relegation in US soccer? Would this interest you having a pyramid such as MLS, USL, NASL etc. Or do you feel that the current system is better?

I think having that relegation and promotion system is vital to the growth of soccer in America if you look everywhere else in the world they have it but also it is difficult to America geographically, financially and fan base wise especially with all the American sports being franchise based

You’re only 24, do you feel you can develop a lot as a player still?

absolutely I feel I can still develop it’s always a learning process where ever You go as a player


Will in training with the Whitecaps.

Will, how is the support at the Whitecaps for both the main team and the II?

The fans in Vancouver are great they have a great support structure for both the first team and usl team but there is most definitely room to grow

Favourite MLS team?

Vancouver, because they gave me my first professional oppournity

Who is the best player you have seen in either the MLS, the USL or the NASL?

I would say Giovinco in the mls!

Who are your favourites to win the USL play offs and why?


You got drafted by FC Dallas but was left out of the camp, are you still aiming for a spot in the MLS one day?

Yes I am aiming for a MLS spot, any opportunity to move up

Favourite soccer team?

Manchester United


Will tackling an opposition player for the player during the 2016 USL season.

Who do you think will win the MLS Cup this year, and why?

I would say Dallas look very strong this year they are a quality team

The NFL now plays a few games a season at Wembley, would you like this to start for the MLS, USL and NASL? Could this help get people interested in the soccer from Britain?

possibly! But in the very distant future I think the mls and soccer pyramid need to focus on making the mls a worldwide brand and league before expanding games over seas

In 5 years, where do you want to be career wise?

playing in the mls or being a regular starter! Fingers crossed!

How do you feel the Youth development at Halstead help you become the player you are today?

  I think it made me understand about the dirty side of the game the grittiness and just be all around tougher! Which translates as you getting older with the pace of the game and level of play

Will playing soccer.

Halstead are a non league team, but do you feel like many of their players could do a job in higher leagues, like Jamie Vardy has?

Most definitely I think there are a lot of different gems in the non league and lower leagues all around the work everyone takes a different path and not everyone develops and blossoms at the same time

How do you feel that you are the one of a very few players  from Halstead to make it this high up?

I feel honored and lucky it took a lot of hard work and sacrifices and rejections to get to where I am but it shows that anyone from any background or level can make it.


How is the style different from the UK compared to in America?

I would say the little details and the knowledge of the game as well as the toughness and just dirtiness of the English game shapes players differently where in America the athleticism and speed of the game is different.

Would you like to come back and play in England one day? Perhaps to retire here?

Absolutely I think playing back in England at the highest level possible is a big goal of mine and to come back and live near family would be amazing.

Dictate the Game would like to thank Will for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish him the best in his career whether that is in the MLS or back in England.


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