Oxford United – Where it all started on FM16

Welcome to my FM16 blog, and also to my first FM16 blog post on Dictate The Game. I have been thinking about writing about FM for a while now, as I am a long-term fanatic (and beyond help) like many other people. I should add that I have been inspired by the huge range of content out there, and the wonderful FM community adds so much more to the game itself. For example I have made sporadic posts on Tifo Project, the SI forums and I am a regular listener to The Deep Lying Podcast


I am currently in 2026 – ten and a half seasons into the game with Oxford at the summit of the English game. In previous versions of FM, I had played as a journeyman manager, offering myself for new jobs when I fancied a change of scenery. However in this game, I thought about doing LLM and building a club from the ground up. I admit that League 2 in England isn’t the lowest that I could have gone, but I wanted to choose a club that would allow me a fighting chance of eventually, climbing into the Premier League. I have always had a soft spot for Oxford, and so my choice was made. I’ve never been one for starting at a top club with large resources because I prefer a harder challenge.

I wouldn’t claim to be a tactical genius either, but this is simply a side of the game that you can’t ignore. As I touched on earlier, the community has so many amazing resources that you can’t help but learn and improve and I certainly feel more confident now that my tactics are evolving properly and that I’m able to adapt to certain situations.

What can you expect from this blog?

Quite simple really – posts about:

  • How I’ve built the club up and thoughts on LLM
  • Transfer market activity and general recruitment
  • How I’ve built and developed tactics
  • Match analysis

Why the blog name?

This is quite simple. I have an amazing regen called Stan Dewulf who is simply the best ever player I’ve had on any FM game. Take a look for yourselves:

Stan Dewulf_ Overview Profile-3

I’ll talk about Dewulf a great deal as I continue to build up the blog.


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