Football Manager: Could it be a full time job?


So I was asked to write a piece for Dictate the Game and thought about doing something different that I hadn’t seen around on websites or blogs. Correct me if I’m wrong! Football Manager to me is not just a game, or a simulation or something to just pass the time with…it’s so much more to me…here’s why…

I’m sure you will all understand where I’m coming from in terms of what Football Manager means and what those who don’t quite understand the addiction when your hear people with comments like; “it’s just the same game every year”, “when do you get to play, it’s nothing like FIFA?”, “it’s just words?”, “I can do a better job as i won the title with (insert own club’s team name here)”, “how did you know about (insert player name here)” What’s your memorable comment?

My memory of Football Manager goes way back, to my school days when me and my friends used to play hang-man using Football Manager players, but I’m talking 15 years ago so in today’s version, quite sure it would be too easy as the exposure of today’s footballers is astronomical in comparison to when I was at school. That moment was always my “how did you know about him” moment, sometimes i had to prove it as my friends didn’t believe me it was a real person in the game. Even today I still remember the guaranteed winners, usually Ukrainian players who my friends had never heard of before as they did not always have the same passion for the game as i did. Football Manager gave me that edge even outside of the game.

Today’s Football world has become so exposed that even with my years of playing Football Manager and scouring the globe for those hidden talents. It just doesn’t happen now. I took a break from Football a while back, for several reasons. my home town club was on the downward spiral, i disliked the manager and the club lost my passion for a time and Football Manager kept my love for the game ticking over, but only just. It came to the point that I started to see news articles of players linked to Chelsea, United or Liverpool and found myself saying “who are they?”, “where are they playing now?” Then I realised that I will always need Football and Football Manager, they go hand in hand and I can’t be without one or the other, it just doesn’t work.

I have dreamed of the day that i could make a living from Football Manager, could we really be the next Eddie Howe or Aitor Karanka, of course we can, if life involved clicking a mouse or trackpad and after losing 3-0 to the team bottom of the table, slamming the laptop lid down and storming off as if it really mattered anyway…Wait!! To me and others, it does matter, I want to win, I want to progress, i want to be recognised as the best at what I do but would you really give up a real life job earning you thousands per month, to be a professional Football Manager player?

Well sort of hence me starting my own blog, getting involved on Twitter and now writing for Dictate The Game. It may not seem like much of a career you may ask but did Conte, Karanka, Ferguson, Wenger all just walk into their top jobs ? I always remember reading Ferguson’s autobiography and he stated he was 1 game away from the sack before collecting all those trophies during his United years.

Could I have that career? I’ll leave that question with you.

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